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What would the world be like if it were run by HSPs and Introverts?

This is a difficult question to research, since there probably aren’t many examples of HSPs and Introverts in political office. Think about it. How many of us would subject ourselves to the abuse one has to take in order to run for a major office? Also, while we may have strong leadership and problem-skills, we are unlikely to possess the personality traits that you commonly find in politicians. For example, we don’t have narcissistic or Machiavellian tendencies or a high degree of extraversion.

With those thoughts aside, let’s dream, shall we? What would the world be like if we were in charge?

  • There would be less conflict and more compromise. We dislike conflict and are natural peacemakers, so there would be less war and political infighting. We would use our diplomatic abilities to settle differences, seeking to unite rather than divide. We would call in the experts and make sure that we have the wisest people handling the most difficult and sensitive negotiations on both foreign and domestic matters.
  • There would be more accountability and the utmost transparency. We value integrity and have a strong sense of justice. We would hold people accountable for their actions and the results they produce. There would be checks and balances on everything, including as much transparency as possible, making it harder to game the system or abuse power.  There would be severe consequences for rule breakers.
  • Compassion would be given a higher priority. We would seek to help vulnerable and disenfranchised populations, while at the same time addressing root causes. We would focus on finding remedies rather than judging those who struggle. These programs would be closely monitored to ensure effectiveness and to guard against abuse.
  • There would be less animal abuse.  We have a strong affection and respect for animals. There would be no tolerance for animal cruelty and abuse. Stricter rules and punishment for these types of crimes would be the order of the day.
  • The earth would be better cared for. We have a love for nature and a deep concern for all living things. We would want the earth and all those in it protected, including plants, animals, and people. We are also more sensitive to pollutants, so we would promote clean air and clean water. We are conscientious, so we would seek long-term strategies to preserve the earth for future generations.
  • There would be more “fairness” in our society. We would endeavor to give everyone a fair chance to succeed, regardless of demographics or socioeconomics. We would work to reduce the influence of money and power in politics. We would encourage all citizens to vote and remove obstacles that make it harder to do so. We would work to create a fair system of taxation.
  • Decisions would be less political and more fact-based. We are thoughtful and always seeking to know more, so research (of all kinds) would be well-funded. Since facts and data are important to us, we would base our decisions on extensive research and expert analysis. We would set policy in the interest of serving the greater good rather than our own political advantage. In other words, we would NOT sell political power to the highest bidder!
  • Political campaigns would be less vitriolic. We would spend more time focusing on “what we stand for” rather than “what we stand against.” Instead of trying to tear down our opponents, we would work to build support for our platform of ideas and policy solutions.
  • There would be less insensitivity. We would make sure that insensitivity was a stigma in society. I’m not sure how this would be legislated, but somehow there would be harsh consequences for purposely hurting the feelings of others. I’m not saying that we should go the tar and feathering route, but it should be something that would embarrass the hell out of the perpetrator! I know this one may not be realistic, but we are dreaming, aren’t we?  LOL!

Do you have anything to add? What do you think the world would be like if it were run by people like us? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have. Please refrain from making partisan comments. I don’t want to start any of our own mud-slinging! 🙂 If you feel that my content is interesting, please share it with others.

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  1. Kristie

    Wonderfully said as always Cliff. I think that is exactly the kind of world we would all benefit living in. Will one of our HSP’s step up to the plate please? Seriously 🙂

    1. Cliff

      Thank you Kristie!

      It’s true the world would be a better place.

      I’m sorry, but I can’t step up to the plate to fix things. I’d be too overwhelmed trying to fix everything! LOL

      1. Kristie

        It sure would! I know what you mean Cliff, it would be a tall order for any of us to do it.

  2. Jacob

    I think the overall focus of our world and society would be different. The financial bottom line runs things these days which compromises so many other things- equity, real quality of life, humanity, the environment just everything really. We are all competing to survive as opposed to working together and looking out for each other. I’d imagine things could go too far either way either too sensitive or too “hardy”. I would say that many countries in Europe better exemplify a more “sensitive” approach. Countries that value universal health care taking care of the environment etc.

  3. Samsara

    This really is so succinct and perfect.

    I think, though, I am highly grateful in tandem with my highly sensitive that there ARE those who feel not as deeply. I can see 100 HSP’s coming into a room to fix the world. We all start jumping on the inside trying to figure out whose stuff we’re feeling or we’re all picking up the sound of the buzzing light and become distracted. Haha. Or we start to wonder if we really did leave enough water in the water bowl for our pet.

    I forgot where I read it (or was it a study?) that said (or implied?) those leaning more toward the side of ‘sociopathic’ are the world’s leaders; the businessmen, the decision makers, the ones who can ‘do’ politics well. I do not know if it’s true, but I do know I am grateful for the ‘earth’ people I can tie my balloon string to! 🙂

  4. Lynn

    I agree with your approach, especially about money and corruption. Major campaign finance reform and anti-corruption laws are in dire need in the United States! Campaign finance rules were drastically changed by a Supreme Court decision in 2010. Things were already bad, but that decision (Citizens United) made everything much worse! Now there is an almost unlimited flow of money to political campaigns, with the identities of the donors hidden. Too much money in politics and a lack of transparency both breed corruption. Put them together, and you have the worst case scenario!

    1. Cliff Harwin

      Hi Lynn,

      You’re right, we DO have the worst case scenario! I’m glad that I’m not the only one who believes this! I think that you and I could solve the world’s problems in a day. On further thought…Do we really need the aggravation! LOL

  5. Marta

    I partly agree, but not totally. Where does this notion that we are somehow more ethical, more thoughtful, more environment-friendly than non-HSPs come from? We are people with unusual perception and way of thinking, not a club of people who are always ethical and nice, no matter what happens. Yes, we’re unlikely to be liars because pretending that a diferent reality exists to someone would put even more strain on our overwhelmed brains; yes, we’re unlikely to be violent because we have more mirror neurons in our brains that make it easier to put ourselves into other people’s shoes. But there’s no saying we can never tell a lie or become violent. Just the circumstances in which we might do this are different for us than for non-HSPs. I know an introverted HSP who nearly killed someone because that someone talked so much that his brain got fried and he lost it. We’re not AS much better than non-HSPs as this article suggests. I know introvert HSPs who are fanatics, who aren’t environment-conscious and are willing to do a little cheating to get a scholarship. Such a world would also be more chaotic and less decisive. I know several projects run by HSPs that ended up a catastrophe because the HS leaders took every little ethical aspect of everything everyone said into account. Not necessarily judging it, but feeling the need to think and talk about it. And that, unfortunately, is counterproductive. I think James Comey is an introverted HSP and you can take a look at what the FBI was like when he was the director. Very high standards, very conscientious, very moral, but not able to communicate why it’s doing this and this because Comey’s reasons were incredibly complex, therefore creating unnecessary problems, plus there are also hints that there was some chaos in his time. (I love James Comey, btw 🙂 ) The HSP introverts in charge would have to be willing to cooperate with non-HSPs. That would create a good balance. The world you’re describing is a world where everyone knows how to distinguish between all the nuances of Good and Evil and makes a lot of effort to keep with the Good – not a world run by HS introverts 🙂

  6. Cliff Harwin

    Hi Marta,

    Thank you for your insight. I agree that you can’t paint a “broad brush” of how highly sensitive and introverts would run the government. There is good and evil in everyone. I was writing this blog post from my dreaming point of view of how I would like things done. I’m very frustrated with the inefficientcy and corruption of our system. I do believe that we need better people, whether they be highly sensitive, introverted or not, to do the right thing and run things for the betterment of society and not for their own personal gain.

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