Highly Sensitive People: A Good Diversion!

On Saturday, the weather in Missouri, USA, was getting nicer, not too warm, not to cold, to do some yard work that I had been putting off. About a month ago, I bought fertilizer for my lawn that I figured that I would need soon. I’m glad that I did this, because now, I don’t want to leave the house, nor should I!

I thought that this day was the perfect time for me to take on this chore. I don’t like to do yard work, but I like to enjoy the results that it produces. I had a goal of fertilizing the lawn around my house. As I got started, I built up momentum to clear away some brush and do some weeding. This had to be done anyway, so I figured I’d do this at one time. Start, finish, and be done. That’s the way I like to do things! (more…)

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Highly Sensitive People: How Do You See Yourself?

As a highly sensitive person, how do you really see yourself? Do you understand what makes you “tick?” What motivates you? What pushes your emotional and physical “buttons?” The answers to these questions and how you act and react to life situations will determine the quality and richness of your life.

Fifteen years ago, I found out that I was a highly sensitive person. I thought that I knew myself well. I didn’t! The adult education class that I attended, called “Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?”, was a real eye opener for me. I was relieved to find out that there was nothing wrong with me. This class was life changing. (more…)

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Highly Sensitive People: What Do You Expect?

As a highly sensitive person, I expect everything to be perfect! Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. Do you have positive or negative expectations? What expectations do you have about yourself, other people, business and personal events, and life in general. Your attitude determines the positive or negative results that you get. The amount of happiness you have is determined by your ability to expect the best in every situation. (more…)

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