Highly Sensitive People: What Do You Expect?

As a highly sensitive person, I expect everything to be perfect! Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. Do you have positive or negative expectations? What expectations do you have about yourself, other people, business and personal events, and life in general. Your attitude determines the positive or negative results that you get. The amount of happiness you have is determined by your ability to expect the best in every situation. (more…)

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Highly Sensitive People: Do You Make The Time To Play?

It’s important for us highly sensitive people to have healthy outlets to relieve the stresses we face everyday. Do you take time out to have fun in your life? Do you engage in activities that re-charge your emotional and physical batteries? While we all need playtime, most of us have a little voice in our head that is chock full of excuses as to why we shouldn’t indulge ourselves.

You may say things like, “Play? Who has the time to play? I have more important things to do.” After all, wouldn’t it be irresponsible to waste time doing something so trivial? (more…)

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Highly Sensitive People: Do Think You Deserve To Be Happy?

People who are highly sensitive feel things very deeply, and this can make us vulnerable to getting stuck in a negative mindset. On the flip side, we also feel joy deeply, so if we can find ways to be happy, we’ll get an amazing return on our investment!

It should be pretty obvious that everyone deserves to be happy. Happiness is a state of mind, a reaction to the experiences in our lives. Some of us have the good fortune to be born with a happy disposition. Others might have to “work” at being happy.

Where do you fit into the happiness spectrum? Do you focus more on the positive or negative things in your life? Does it bother you to be unhappy, or are you accustomed to it? (more…)

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