Highly Sensitive People: What Have You Been Putting Off?

In this difficult time and good times too, there are some things that we put off. Last week, I was talking to a good friend and fellow highly sensitive person, Amy Barbato. She provided a guest post for her mother’s recipe on comfort food.  https://www.thehighlysensitiveperson.com/highly-sensitive-people-can-you-use-some-comfort/ (more…)

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Highly Sensitive People: Are You A Chronic Procrastinator?

Full disclosure, I’m a highly sensitive person, with many introverted qualities who is prone to social anxiety. I’m also a recovering chronic procrastinator. This doesn’t mean that all of us are that way, but I feel it’s definitely worth mentioning. I’m not fully recovered, but I’m getting better.

Chronic procrastination is a problem that’s real and is nothing to be laughed at, although there are many jokes about procrastination. Procrastination has caused people to lose jobs, personal possessions, and even their spouse.

But most medical professionals fail to recognize the problem as real, classifying it as simply a bad habit.  It manifests itself in low self-esteem, shame, under achievement, and life can become unmanageable. Many procrastinations take place for people who suffer from adult attention deficit disorder, though it isn’t acknowledged as such. (more…)

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Read more about the article Act in the (imperfect) moment by Michelle Sutton-Kerchner
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Act in the (imperfect) moment by Michelle Sutton-Kerchner

Below is an interesting article about perfectionism by fitness writer Michelle Sutton-Kerchner.

Procrastination is a lifestyle for many. The perfectionist in us delays tasks until they can be executed flawlessly. The result: A growing list of ignored workouts, unfinished projects, and missed lifetime opportunities.

Stop waiting for the perfect time. It’s already here …


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Does procrastination serve you well?

Many times we procrastinate not because we’re lazy but because of the difficulty of the problem at hand. As we ponder a situation, as many of us highly sensitive people do, we can weed out what isn’t important leading us to a better solution.

Procrastination can teach us discipline, patience, and the ability to work better under pressure. While we ponder we’re searching for a more effective way to do a task, which is a form of time management. Procrastination prompts subliminal organization. (more…)

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