Highly Sensitive People: Would You Like To Be Self-Employed?

I often hear from highly sensitive people who say they want to be self-employed. Self-employment is a great option for us, though it is definitely not for everyone. Self-employment allows you to work at your own pace and in an environment of your choosing. However, it also requires ambition, persistence, planning, and the ability to adapt to changing conditions.

Below are some suggestions for coming up with a business opportunity. (more…)

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Highly Sensitive People: What Is Your Right Livelihood?

Right livelihood is defined as a means of supporting one’s existence, especially financially or vocational, in a way that fits in with who you are and what you want to do in life. It’s important to note that your right livelihood may change as you go through life. Your focus might be to be a good student, parent, caretaker, or any of several different positions and jobs.

Some thoughts and suggestions include:

  • Highly sensitive people can’t be in an environment where they feel uncomfortable or is a place that is anxiety ridden. A quiet environment is ideal.
  • Helping careers such as counselors, coaches, teachers, social workers, nurses, event planners, companions, members of the clergy, information specialists such as librarians, volunteer work, virtual assistants, and tutors. They also do well as message therapists and other body workers. (more…)

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Highly Sensitive People: Do You Love Your Highly Sensitive Self?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, do you take the time to appreciate the good qualities that you have? I know that this is the time to spread the love to others, but where does love truly start?

Think about it. When do you feel the most loving towards others? It’s when you feel good about yourself. When you are happy, you are much more inclined (and able) to give more of yourself to the people who you love. Self-love gives you clarity, patience, and the desire to share your joy. You are also better able to leverage your HSP instincts to anticipate what others need. (more…)

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Highly Sensitive People: How Well Do You Handle Adversity?

Everyone has difficult times. We can’t avoid it. It’s a part of life that we need to accept. Sure we highly sensitive people feel more than others, but it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to feel or be down more than others.

Ill-health, losing a loved one, unemployment, various traumas, either past or present, or misfortune of any kind will rear its ugly head at some point in our lives.

It’s normal to feel hurt, sad, angry, fearful, or whatever else your feeling. You can’t deny your pain. It doesn’t help your situation. The old saying…”Whatever you resist persists” is definitely true. (more…)

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