Highly Sensitive People: How Will You Handle The Road Of Life?

We, the young and the old, are currently going through one of the most difficult times of our lives. There is so much fear because of the upheaval of our normal routines and the uncertainty of what’s going to happen in the future. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid these difficult times throughout our lives.  I conceived of an idea of comparing my travels throughout my life. My inspiration resulted in the piece below about my journey of twists, turns, and obstacles…something I’m sure all highly sensitive people can relate to! (more…)

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Highly Sensitive People: Are You Sensitive To Change?

I know that this is a silly question! Are you sensitive to change? I absolutely am! Especially in uncertain times such as these. Change is one of the few things in life that is absolutely guaranteed, yet most people are unprepared or unwilling to cope with it.

Change is a difficult process because it involves letting go of an old situation, be it good or bad. It’s human nature to have anxiety whenever we experience loss or have something new in our lives. As we move out of our comfort zone, the future becomes uncertain, and our angst intensifies. (more…)

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Highly Sensitive People: A Good Diversion!

On Saturday, the weather in Missouri, USA, was getting nicer, not too warm, not to cold, to do some yard work that I had been putting off. About a month ago, I bought fertilizer for my lawn that I figured that I would need soon. I’m glad that I did this, because now, I don’t want to leave the house, nor should I!

I thought that this day was the perfect time for me to take on this chore. I don’t like to do yard work, but I like to enjoy the results that it produces. I had a goal of fertilizing the lawn around my house. As I got started, I built up momentum to clear away some brush and do some weeding. This had to be done anyway, so I figured I’d do this at one time. Start, finish, and be done. That’s the way I like to do things! (more…)

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Highly Sensitive People: Who Knows?

I’m just as upset as you are about this worldwide crisis. I refuse to make myself sick by excessively worrying about the turmoil that’s going on. I choose to be informed, not panic, and try to help others through my writing.

I’ve learned that adversity can bring out the best in us. Through personal and business difficult times, it made me stronger to overcome other unknown problems that eventually will come everyone’s way.  This event will test our patience and help us learn about ourselves. It’s a teaching moment for the young and old. (more…)

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