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Highly Sensitive People: What’s so good about being highly sensitive?

What’s so good about being highly sensitive? I pose this question because, based on the correspondence that I receive and what I see on online forums, I find that too many people focus on the negative side of this inherited character trait.

I try to accentuate the positive aspects of life, although it’s difficult sometimes. I’d like to shed some positive light on being a highly sensitive person. Being highly sensitive isn’t a choice but a natural way of being. Why not make the best of what you’ve got?

I’m going to make a list of the positive aspects of being a highly sensitive person. Highly sensitive people aren’t perfect and these are generalizations. Honest self-analysis will tell you if these positive traits are true for you. In random order they include:

  • Deep-Thinking. We look into life more deeply than others. This can help us enjoy and understand life more. We have deep connection to the natural world. We love to consider life’s “big questions.”
  • Good at holding still. This is an odd talent but very advantageous if you’re at the dentist. My dentist always tells me that I’m very good at doing this. LOL! I think our patience make us very good patients!
  • Good Drivers. You might not think of this as a HSP trait, but it’s true for me. I’m aware of everything around me and drive accordingly.
  • Creative: HSPs are known for their creativity. Many of us are inner-directed and profoundly in touch with our creative energy, in art, music, writing, and just about any other creative endeavor.
  • Compassionate and loving: HSPs care deeply about almost everything, which makes us compassionate, kind, and supportive of others. We are good parents and spouses. Many of us also love animals and can form intense bonds with our pets.
  • Adept at spotting errors. This is a good trait, unless you’re too much of a perfectionist and obsessed with correcting errors, which can be problematic.
  • Intuitive Learners. We’re able to learn and implement what we’ve learned, often without being aware of where we learned it. HSPs are like human learning sponges, always taking in everything around us.
  • Strong moral compass.  HSPs are keenly aware of right versus wrong. This is a great trait to have for keeping yourself out of trouble. Knowing the consequences of your actions will pay dividends in your life.
  • Good at imagining possibilities. HSPs are always thinking, which means that we have MANY ideas, often coming up with possibilities that others hadn’t thought of. This will give us more options in life.
  • We are excellent friends. HSPs are loyal, intelligent, likable, good listeners, wonderful advisers, and know how to respect boundaries. We are often aware of what others need. Who wouldn’t want to be our friend?
  • Self-reliant. HSPs have the ability to work on our own and are remarkably self-sufficient. This is an exceptional trait, unless it keeps you from asking for help when needed.
  • Conscientious. HSPs are careful and responsible, which means that we make great employees and employers. We can be counted on by all those who interact with us.
  • Have the ability to concentrate deeply. HSPs are profound thinkers and love nothing more than doing a “deep dive” into a topic of interest. We are highly observant and great researchers.

Can you think of any other HSP strengths? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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  1. Claude

    Hi Cliff,

    I have been following your blog for some time now. After a tough break-up 2 years ago and a couple of months of being stuck I met a lot of new people, mainly through joining a running group, that have become very good friends. I bonded quite firmly with some of them and someone suggested I should read about HSP because she was convinced I was a HSP. And I definitely am. Sometimes it can be very exhausting.

    I can relate to most of the positive traits you listed. The creative side I am struggling with a bit. I am an ambitious hobby photographer and did some film studies but I always had a big doubt if I was creative enough in order to be successful in these areas. Considering my very colourful and expansive lucid dreams, I am sure there are some creative abilities lying dormant in my brain.

    On a different note, I’m about to head off to a diving trade show to check if my dream of making a drastic career change from working in the public sector, to getting a job at age 40 in the scuba diving industry, is at all realistic.

    I don’t really know why I wrote this comment but after reading this article I somehow felt compelled to.

    Kind regards,


    1. Cliff Harwin

      Hi Claude,

      Being a highly sensitive person can be exhausting, but it’s a good thing if we understand it and utilize the good qualities that we have. I’m glad that you were inspired by my post!

      Don’t underestimate your ability to be creative. Being a photographer is a creative endevour. I’m sure that you have many creative instincts.

      You sound very enthusiastic about making a drastic career change! Good for you for wanting to check into the scuba diving industry! It’s never too late to do what you want to do. Keep me posted on your progress!

      Best Regards,

  2. S

    This is the first time I have read that having ‘a strong moral compass’ is part of being HSP. Very interesting. I was bullied in grade school for this very trait. I thought it was connected to attending a religious school, but now I realize it is an HSP trait. Thank you for mentioning this. Other HSP strengths would be humanitarian characteristics. Visionary characteristics. A knowledge beyond our years.

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