#HighlySensitivePeople: How Do You Keep Up A Positive Attitude?

I’m not feeling as good as I would like after my surgery. It’s very frustrating! Part of my frustration is because I’m impatient and the other reason is because of my attitude and my unrealistic expectations of the healing process. Healing takes time and everyone is different. There’s no timetable for how long it takes. (more…)

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#HighlySensitivePeople: Can You Really Change Yourself?

There are lots of theories out there about people’s ability to change themselves. Some think it’s entirely impossible, others think it can be possible in small increments, and others think it’s possible with hard work.

Can you change yourself? The short answer to this question is yes, you can change yourself. It takes hard work, diligent effort, focus, dedication, and strength to change yourself, but it is possible. The thing is, it’s far from easy. (more…)

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#HighlySensitivePeople: Do You Have Demanding People In Your Life?

Do you have demanding people in your life? I know that this is a ridiculous question for me to ask. Everyone does! They come disguised in many forms. It could be a relative, family member, friend, boss, co-worker, customers, or someone who we casually come in contact with such as in a grocery store. Have I left anyone out? Feel free to add to the list!

Have you ever wished that you didn’t have to deal with people all the time? I know that I have. There are some people who cause me to have anxiety, frustration, anger, and in some cases cause me to be just like them…DEMANDING, UNREASONABLE, AND DIFFICULT TO BE AROUND. Can anyone relate to my plight? (more…)

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