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#HighlySensitivePeople: How Do You Keep Up A Positive Attitude?

I’m not feeling as good as I would like after my surgery. It’s very frustrating! Part of my frustration is because I’m impatient and the other reason is because of my attitude and my unrealistic expectations of the healing process. Healing takes time and everyone is different. There’s no timetable for how long it takes.

Most of us can agree that positive thinking is important. It tends to make us feel better, be more productive, and reduces stress. The problem is that our lives aren’t always rosy. Crises happen – be it on a personal level or something more widespread. This reality is a part of everyone’s life, and it makes keeping your spirits up difficult. 

If you are struggling to stay positive and hopeful when going through tough times, here are some tips:

  • Don’t Put Your Head in the Sand–No matter what you are dealing with, ignoring it is rarely the answer. While ignoring problems might feel good in the short-term, it will sap your long-term positivity. Acknowledge your circumstances and work the best that you can with it.
  • This Too Shall Pass–When you are in the midst of a crisis, it is nearly impossible to keep things in perspective. It’s important to recognize that your circumstances are temporary. Things might seem dire at the moment, but try your best to remember that “this too shall pass”.
  • Have a Plan–One of the single best things you can do to maintain positivity during tough times is to make a plan on how to deal with it. When you focus on the solution rather than the problem, you will naturally feel more positive. I’m going to go out more and continue my walking routine as I’m feeling better. Slow and easy is the best way for me to go.
  • Think About the Things You are Grateful For–Even during great personal turmoil, you still have things you are grateful for. When things get tough, it is vital to remember that there is good in the world, and more importantly, in your life. When you are struggling, take some time to list the things in your life you are grateful for. It’s very upsetting to me about the current world events and my health situation. I’m grateful for  my surgery that saved my life! There is more good in the world than not!
  • Journal Your Feelings and Venting Your Thoughts–These are powerful tool in so many ways. It gives you a place to express your fears and concerns and it helps you maintain positivity. This post and venting my feelings to family and friends have been a tremendous help.

How do you keep up a positive attitude? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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