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#HighlySensitivePeople: Do You Have Self-Esteem Or Perfectionism Issues?

What gets in your way? Lack of self-esteem or being a perfectionist? The answers to these questions will come to you when you use your highly sensitive deep-thinking capabilities.

A lack of self-esteem comes from not believing in yourself or your abilities. These negative feelings of not being worthy probably stem from childhood experiences. We’ve all had them.

I had some negative school experiences that profoundly impacted on my life. Thankfully, I’ve outgrown them. I believed for too long all the “junk” that was thrown at me in those days. Through much soul searching, I was able to replace some of those negative beliefs I had about myself with this insight: I am a person of value, and I have a lot to offer. I’d like to extend that same insight to you. You are a person of value, and you have a lot to offer. The key is to actually believe it.

Everyone is extraordinary. Your mission in life is to figure out your genius and how you can use it to benefit yourself and others. You can outgrow your negative programming by becoming more self aware…by knowing your strengths and by exploring your talents. Being open to new learning experiences will do wonders for your self-concept!

Perfectionism is a difficult burden to haul around in your life. Trying to be perfect in every situation is impossible! Why cause yourself needless stress? Nothing is ever good enough. Your productivity and sanity will surely suffer.

Negative self-esteem and perfectionism are definitely related. Negative self-esteem uses perfectionism to mask feelings of inadequacy. You don’t want to be judged for making a mistake, so you try to do something perfectly. Can anyone relate to this?

The answer to the question….Do you have self-esteem or perfectionism issues?…. You probably have a little bit of both. It’s important to question your negative beliefs and see if they are true. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake. Nobody is immune from them. I’m interested in a thoughts or comments that you have.

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