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What are some secrets to a long, healthy, and happy life?

What are some secrets to a long, healthy, and happy life? I was reading about a two people, 90 year-old Walter Mitchell and 100 year-old Agnes Zhelesnik, who just might have some answers!

Walter Mitchell, who is in very good health for his age, spends most of his days driving shoppers home from the supermarket. This fills him with a sense of purpose and keeps him busy. He waits at local supermarkets for his regulars or whoever needs a ride. Sometimes the wait is minutes. Sometimes it’s hours, but he doesn’t care. Walter does this six days per week. 

The best part is that he does this all for free, unless riders wish to give him a tip. It’s fine with him if they do, or if they don’t. He credits this activity with keeping him alive, as he looks forward to each coming day.

Agnes Zhelesnik looks to children to keep her feeling young. She’s believed to be the oldest working teacher in America. “The children make my day,” she says. Agnes is a home economics teacher. She teaches cooking and basic sewing to the lower grades and offers after-school lessons in knitting and crocheting to older kids.

She’s hardly missed a day since she started teaching twenty years ago. Agnes has no thoughts of retiring. She credits her good health with eating well, getting enough sleep, and being involved in activities that she loves.

What are your secrets for a long, healthy, and happy life? This question is meant for everyone, regardless of your age. My “secret” is to keep writing about topics that will encourage others to lead their best and most productive lives. My plan is to write for a very long time! What makes you happy? What kinds of things do you think would give you a “reason for being” as you entered the twilight of your life? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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