Do you know how to control your thoughts?
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Do you know how to control your thoughts?

Do you know how to control your thoughts? Being able to successfully manage your thoughts so that you can control your life is one of the best ways to empower yourself and build self-confidence. How would you feel if your mind was nurturing you rather than tearing you down?

When you focus on positive rather than negative thoughts, you become a powerful ally to yourself, firmly pointing your destiny in a direction that will help you conquer anything that holds you back.

In the beginning, it will take a conscious decision on your part to stop the flow of negativity, but eventually you’ll come to a place where most negative thoughts subside before causing damage. It’s important to bring these negative thoughts into the light, so that they can be examined. Are they true? What evidence do you have?

Aside from interrogating your thoughts, another way to respond is to immediately concentrate on something else. Refuse to play along with negative thoughts that seek to undermine you. Pick up a good book, put on some music that makes you want to sing and dance, or exercise your body to clear your mind. Distracting yourself with something you enjoy can quickly steer you out of a rut.

Another strategy to lessen the impact of negative thoughts is to think of them as separate from yourself. Only when you begin to realize that negative thoughts are foreign invaders, and not part of your true thought process, will you be able to release them quickly and effectively.

Letting a negative thought linger in your mind can seem natural to you, especially when you’re in a particularly vulnerable state of mind. When you find yourself entertaining a negative thought, consider the origin of it. It could be from a place of despair, lack of confidence, fear, or perhaps being around negative people. Are you feeling this way just because you’re in a bad mood, or because of something someone said? If so, you should question it even more. When you are feeling bad, negative thoughts will explode in your head, and most of them will likely be false.

Actions speak louder than words to our minds. “As ye think, so shall you be,” is an old saying that would be great if it worked. Just because we think the good thoughts doesn’t mean that our wishes will be granted. It takes a conscientious effort to act as we think.

For example, if you’re trying to get in better physical shape, simply thinking it won’t make it come true. You have to act in accordance with your desires, such as keeping a watchful eye on your diet and getting into an exercise program.

Even though positive thinking isn’t a magic bullet, it will help you achieve a can-do attitude that will spur you forward. Negative self talk, on the other hand, is very de-motivating and may trick you into thinking that your goals are out of reach. Use your own creativity to think of ways to produce more positive thoughts and to act on them when they come.

We sometimes don’t act on positive thoughts because of preconceived opinions. Try to keep an open mind about events that happen and people who come into your life. Acting in a positive way toward something or someone you’ve previously formed a negative opinion about can unleash new possibilities. Give yourself permission to “change your mind” and to let go of any limitations that you’ve set on yourself and others.

Do you know how to control your thoughts? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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