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Do Highly Sensitive People Need to Find and Follow Their Passion?

How does your life make you feel? Do you wake each morning looking forward to the day ahead, or do you wish you could bury your head under the covers and stay there? Why not look for that something – a cause, hobby or career – that feels right and sparks joy within you?

“Passion requires focused direction, and that direction must come from three other areas: your purpose, your talents, and your needs.”…Steve Pavlina

Your outlook will depend on many things, but one of the most important factors that can change your day-to-day life is passion.

What is Passion?

Passion is an extreme and positive emotion — a strong and compelling desire for something that inspires you and creates happiness. While you can have passion towards another person, I’m focusing on passion for life and work.

Why Do You Need Passion?

Without passion in your life, you’ll find that your days are dull and tiresome. You may have a sense of something missing or lacking in some way. You might be bored, unmotivated, or depressed. When you lack passion and purpose, it’s very easy for negative feelings or lackluster energy to become your default setting.

Finding your passion can create enormous change. Can you imagine enthusiastically getting out of bed…excited to tackle the items on your to-do list for the day? For many of us, this idea seems ludicrous, but it is possible. If you were excited about what you could accomplish, just think of all the energy and focus you would have. You would feel more creative, and you’d be motivated to create plans to follow your dreams.

Having passion in your life can also enhance the relationships you have with others, including family, friends and colleagues. They will respond to your positive energy and enthusiasm.

You might be at a point where you’re working, but your job doesn’t fulfill your passion needs. Many of us have jobs that meet our financial requirements, but few of us have jobs that bring out the best in us. You may not mind the work you do, but do you really love it? You may be very good at what you do, but do you have talents and skills that never see the light of day in your current position? Why not explore what will “light you up” in your spare time?

Thinking of starting a business? How about starting one on a part-time basis? Wouldn’t it feel amazing to earn an income from doing something that inspires you and brings you joy? Your possibilities are enormous!

Taking steps to discover and follow your passion can can result in a huge shift in your life. You’ll feel better about your future and may even have a better attitude at your day job, because you’ll be working towards your personal happiness and productivity.

Do you have a passion for something? If not, what small action steps can you take now to find and follow your passion? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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  1. Jan van Voorst

    I always saw this sensitivity thing as an attempt to try to be who you really are deep inside you with the emphasis on that trying, a life-long attempt. Do I have passions? No. Do I like to do certain things more than other things? Yes. That is the way my life is just like everybody’s life is and, fortunately, we all do it in our own way. Why do I need to call these passions? Do I need to win a race? What race? I just want to be myself as much as I can. Nothing else.

  2. Cliff Harwin

    Hi Jan,

    Everyone goes through life at their own pace. It’s always good to have activities that we can enjoy. Being oneself as much as we can is something that we can all aspire to. Using our talents and interests for the betterment of others is a way to use our passions.

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