#HighlySensitivePeople: Can You Use Six Ways To Deal With Lack of Focus?

Do you have a problem with focus? I know that this is a likely “yes” for a highly sensitive person! We can be easily distracted by our thoughts, emotions, or something in our environment. It doesn’t take much for us to get off track.

Random thoughts, family, economic, personal problems, chaotic situations, or even just our curiosity compete for our attention. Can we filter out some things and focus on others? We can with the right mindset. Here are some suggestions:

  • Determine why you want to focus on something. Why is it important to you? Is this the best use of your time at this moment? The more reasons you can give yourself for moving this to the top of your priority list, the more motivated you’ll be to stayed focused. (more…)

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#HighlySensitivePeople: Is Happiness A Choice?

Is happiness a choice? It depends on who you ask. If a person is relatively happy with their lives, they might say that they made the right choices that made them that way. If a person is unhappy, they might say that they were a victim of circumstances.

Where do you fit in? Success and happiness are intertwined. Are you successful? Success can mean having a fulfilling career, being a loving parent, having wonderful relationships, or maybe having a sense of control over your life. (more…)

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#HighlySensitivePeople: Are You Growing Into Your True Self?

Are you growing into your true self? This sounds like an odd question doesn’t it? By growing into your true self I mean, acting like you want to be and taking actions needed to be or do what you want to accomplish.

This isn’t an easy task when you’re starting something new and unfamiliar. You have to be unafraid to make mistakes and looking foolish. Being open to criticism is also part of the process. (more…)

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#HighlySensitivePeople: How Do You Make Others Feel?

How do you make others feel? Are people genuinely glad to see you? Do they feel better or uplifted by your presence or actions? Self-awareness of this is the secret to attracting the “right people” to you.

Although I’m not perfect, I try to be a positive force whenever I meet someone in person or communicate with them through my writing. My personal philosophy is to take a genuine interest in the welfare of others. I get a sense of personal satisfaction when I can serve or encourage others through my HSP Coaching, blog, and social media. (more…)

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