Highly Sensitive People: Would You Like More Mr. Rogers Information?

I went to see the movie, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. The movie was very touching and was a fitting tribute to this wonderful human being. However, it took a turn that I wasn’t expecting.

It was about an investigative journalist, Lloyd Vogel, who was the least likely to be charmed by Mr. Rogers. The film was inspired by Tom Junod’s article, “Can You Say…Hero”?, for Esquire magazine in November 1998. At first, the reporter want to do a “hit piece” that would expose a person who seemed too good to be true. (more…)

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Giving Thanks in Divided Times by Amy McNeil

Do you know the true story of the first Thanksgiving? Most people think of Thanksgiving as a “feel good” holiday, but its history is mired in division and challenge. The very existence and endurance of this long standing tradition is proof positive that people can come together even in divided times.

As the story goes, a day of Thanksgiving was set aside in 1621, about a year after the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth Harbor, Massachusetts. After a successful harvest, the Pilgrims pledged thanks for a safe voyage and survival in a strange, new land. While they had experienced great loss, the Pilgrims had regained strength and learned to provide for themselves. The Wampanoag Indians joined the Pilgrims in their festival of celebration and gratitude. The time was filled with feasts, prayers, dances, shooting matches, wrestling, and other games. (more…)

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