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What Are You Grateful For?

Today, Memorial Day, is a special day in the United States where we remember those who died in active military duty. We are grateful for their bravery and sacrifice to keep our country safe. The brave men and women who are fighting for us in this present day should also be acknowledged and appreciated.

When was the last time you sat down and thought about what you are grateful for? Surprisingly it may have been awhile, but you are not alone. Gratefulness is often something that we take for granted, which is exactly why many people don’t pay attention to it.

Let’s think about what we are grateful for.  

Here’s some ideas to get your juices flowing:

  • Health– You may not think about your health until you start to have issues. How many people around you are dealing with pain issues, mobility problems, are overweight, or are suffering with a major health complications. I’m grateful for the current state of my health, and I’m taking actions to maintain it.
  • Family— Are they healthy and happy? Are you grateful and feel the joy in this?
  • Finances–  How are you finance wise, in good shape, or is this an area that requires improvement? Take the time to think about your spending habits and have a plan for the future. You’ll be grateful you did!
  • Employment— Do you have a stable income? When it comes to your job, you may not particularly like what you do, but your job provides you with an income which allows you to have food, shelter, and warmth. While you may not be rich, and who doesn’t wish for more money, you should be grateful for what you do have. Continually strive for self-improvement that will increase your value to make more money.
  • Your High Sensitivity and introversion– I’m grateful for who I am. I’m doing my best with what I am by constantly learning more about myself. I focus on my strengths and make allowances for my weaknesses. I don’t try to be something that I’m not!

You don’t have to be totally satisfied with your life. But you should take the time to think about those things you do have. Stop dwelling on the “what if’s” and the “don’t have” in life. Focus on what will make you happy and fulfilled and make improvements as needed.

Do you take the good things in your life for granted? How can you be more grateful about your life? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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