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#HighlySensitivePeople: Why Are Friendships Important?

Are friendships important? How many do you need? I personally don’t need alot of friendships, but a few different kinds of them. Here are some thoughts to think about:

Why are friendships important?

  • Studies show that people who have friendships live longer and have happier lives.
  • They can be positive support systems.
  • They are sources of satisfaction and joy.
  • They provide companionship.
  • You can share your feelings in good times and bad.

What are the different kinds of friendships?

  • Best Friends—Your intimate circle.
  • Good Friends—People you socialize with.
  • Spiritual Friends—People who will give you a spiritual perspective.
  • Information Friends—People you get specific information from.

What are the qualities of good friendships?

Non-judgmental, supportive, accepting, mutual trust, understanding, compatible, they are genuinely happy for you, positive, constructive, allow you to grow through good times and bad, satisfying, increase your self-esteem, have similar interests and values, someone you can confide in, sharing other friends in common, good communication, good chemistry, kind, respectful, good listeners, compassionate, empathetic, honest, interesting, accepts you for who you are, uplifting, sensitive, polite, optimistic, thoughtful, mature, positive, dependable, affectionate, good listener.

What do healthy friendships do?

  • They improve the quality of your life.
  • They increase your self-esteem.
  • They allow you to grow and be your best self.
  • They are satisfying and long-lasting.

What are the characteristics of toxic friendships?

Not supportive, not rewarding, unsatisfying, draining, stifling, not an equally supportive relationship, someone who betrays you, a person who tries to turn others away from you, you feel mistreated.

Some Thoughts On HSP Friendships (True or False)

  •  HSPs might take more grief in relationships than others. (My opinion) Not necessarily. This is a general statement that could apply to anyone. HSPs do have to be careful of being chronic people pleasers. This will never work for you.
  • HSPs might stay in relationships longer than others. (My opinion) Look at the above statement.
  • A good friend is respectful towards you and every other person in your life, whether they like them or not. (My opinion) True!
  • A good friend will be happy about your success. (My opinion) True!

Important Questions To Think About

What kinds of friendships work for you? Are you getting all you want in your current relationships? Are you a good friend? What specific actions can you take to create more fulfilling friendships? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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