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#HighlySensitivePeople: What Prevents Us From Doing Our Best?

As highly sensitive people, it’s important for us to use our deep-thinking capabilities to think about the things that get in the way of our highest potential. How can we improve if we don’t know what’s holding us back?

Below is a list of things that have been roadblocks for me. See if you can relate to any of them.

  • Fear of failure: This is an ongoing challenge for me. I’ve come to realize that everyone makes mistakes, and that I’ve been able to overcome mistakes that I’ve made in the past. I have learned so many lessons from the things that have not gone well, that on some level, I’m grateful for having made those mistakes. 
  • Fear of change: To address this fear, I do my best to make changes in small increments, so I don’t become overwhelmed. I constantly remind myself that my life experience has prepared me to handle any new situation that comes my way. I also know that I can always initiate a different change if I don’t like one that has been thrust upon me.
  • Over-analyzing: As highly sensitive people, we love to think, so I’m sure many of you can relate to this issue. How many times have you taken a situation and analyzed it to death, often to the point that the agony of contemplation far exceeds the problem that you’re trying to solve? Sometimes the stress of making a decision can lead to inaction, which is in fact a decision. To address this issue, I set time limits when I’m having trouble making a decision. I leave enough time to analyze the issue and get relevant information, but I force myself to decide, knowing that later adjustments can be made as needed.
  • Refusal to ask for help: How many times have you let your pride get in the way of asking for help? I’ve let this happen too many times! For some reason, we think that asking for help is a sign of weakness or that no one will want to help us. If you study the habits of successful people, you will always find that they consult with others and delegate to people who know better than themselves. You should also keep in mind is that most people want to help when they can. Wouldn’t you?
  • Wrong environment: As highly sensitive people, it’s crucial for us to be in our right environment. This may include being in a quiet work environment, being around like-minded people, or having the flexibility to do your own thing. I knew from a young age that I couldn’t work for anyone else, so I worked hard to become self-sufficient enough to start my own business. I was willing to work long hours but wanted to do things at my own pace. That’s why I was able to be self-employed for many years.

What prevents you from doing your best? If you can answer this question and come up with strategies to overcome your roadblocks, you’ll be in a better position to craft the kind of lifestyle that best fits your wants and needs.

Can you relate to any of the challenges on my list? If so, which ones? What other roadblocks do you face? How have you overcome your roadblocks? I’m interested in any thoughts or questions that you have.

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  1. @NW_Empath

    Thank you – I just started following you on Twitter and enjoy reading your articles. I can relate to all of these. It was eye opening to learn why I sense things so differently than other people, and why I can’t even fathom enjoying a concert. When it comes to asking for help, I think I’m more inclined to think about privacy and inviting people into my world than pride. Fortunately, I’m a pretty happy person and enjoy helping other people discover the joy of peace. Happy Holidays!

    1. Cliff Harwin

      Thank you for your comment about my articles! It’s fine to sense things on your own terms. We’re all different. About asking for help…We all need help from time to time. Wouldn’t you help someone if they asked you for help? It’s a sign of strength to ask for help. Many people are flattered and want to help when asked. Keep being the happy person that you are and helping others discover the joy of peace. We definitely need it!! Happy Holidays to you!!

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