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#HighlySensitivePeople: What Makes A Person Attractive?

What makes a person attractive? I’m not talking about physical attractiveness, but qualities that make a person beautiful.

Have you ever seen a person who is physically appealing, but when you talk to them or see how they act towards others, they are totally unappealing?

What are attractive qualities? Examples include:

  • Sensitivity. Being sensitive to the needs of others. How can being caring, supportive, and being a good listener not be sexy?
  • Sense of humor. Life can sometimes be difficult. Isn’t it refreshing to be around a person who can make us laugh?
  • Genuine smile. A genuine smile makes you and the person you’re with feel good. A smile can make you appear more trustworthy and easy to be around.
  • Confidence. A person that feels good about themselves, not conceited, will act confident, dress confident, and will radiate a positive attitude.
  • Integrity. How can a person with integrity not be attractive?
  • Politeness. How a person acts towards you and others is a definite attractiveness factor.

Can you mention any other qualities that make a person attractive? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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