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#HighlySensitivePeople: How Can You Get The Most Out Of Yourself?

The answer to this question is lifelong learning! As a highly sensitive person, the more I learn, the more I can utilize the good and challenging aspects of myself.

The pursuit of knowledge through lifelong learning, whether it’s learning to play the guitar, speak a foreign language, or prepare a gourmet meal, has wonderful benefits for people of all ages.

“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn…and you will.”  ~Vernon Howard, Author

Some benefits of lifelong learning include:

  • Stimulates brain cells and keeps you sharp.
  • Offers a way to expand your interests and discover new things that inspire you, which can help you find more meaning in your life.
  • Helps connects you with people who share your interests and passions. You’ll become a more interesting person. The more you know, the better conversationalist you’ll be.
  • Increases self-confidence.
  • Generates a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Learning new skills can increase your income or expand your career options. You can update your skills or build on skills that you already have. With more options, you’ll feel more in charge of your life, which will promote a positive outlook of the future.
  • Offers comfort during difficult times. Sometimes it just takes a little education to get through a challenging situation or adapt to a changing environment. Education provides you with resources for help.
  • Keeps your mind active and engaged at any age, which is an important factor in the overall quality of your life. A mind that is active is less inclined to memory loss or to diseases that affect cognition. The more you use your mind, the more capacity you have to learn.
  • Promotes personal growth. This can prevent that feeling of boredom or stagnation we get when we’ve been locked into the same routine for a long time.
  • The more you learn about your highly sensitive nature, the better you can utilize it and work with it, rather than have it be a hindrance in your life.
  • It teaches universal truths that teach life lessons.
  • Learning is a form of entertainment that’s informative and reduces stress. Reading a good book is a relaxing pastime and has long-lasting effects on the way we live. Books help us become well-rounded individuals.
  • Perpetual learning helps improve and increase our vocabulary.
  • Reading builds concentration, focus, and alertness.
  • You increase your written and verbal communication skills including grammar, spelling vocabulary and sentence structure.
  • Learning provides mental stimulation. The more you use your brain, the better it works for you.
  • Books distract you from your problems and keep you in the present moment. Learning can distract you from a negative mindset.
  • It makes you more knowledgeable and better equipped to tackle any challenge.
  • It improves your memory.
  • You develop stronger analytical skills.
  • You improve your writing skills by observing different writing styles.
  • When you have more knowledge, you improve your conversation skills. This makes you more interesting. You will attract more interesting people to you.
  • Perpetual learning stimulates your creativity. Why not make the best use of your highly sensitive person natural resource?
  • The more you learn, the better you’ll feel about yourself. This will increase your overall happiness.
  • The only real skill that matters in the world is the ability to learn what you need to know on a regular basis. ~John Naisbitt, Author

What would you like to learn more about? Can you think of any more benefits of lifelong learning? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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