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#HighlySensitivePeople: Do You Suffer From Analysis Paralysis?

I know that this is an odd question to ask a highly sensitive person! It’s really not!  How often do you take on a task or have to make a decision and worry that you’re going to make a mistake? Does this keep you from doing things? Being the self-conscious and highly sensitive person that I am, I often feel this way.

I have found that worrying too much about results weakens me and makes me less efficient. It’s so energy draining! I used to have the bad habit of thinking that everything in life depends on how “one thing” turns out. Can you relate to this?

All experiences result in growth, and mistakes are a part of life. Just because you fall down, that doesn’t mean you have to stay down. Don’t allow your mind to become paralyzed by a single experience. Many who attempt to better themselves fail because they are plagued by anxiety. Constructive development will not take place when the mind is in such a destructive state. Don’t fall into a pattern of stopping something before you start.

The first thing to do is to relax, and let your mind become fertile ground for new thoughts and ideas, coming from your conscious or subconscious mind. For me, self-advancement goes through four stages. There is (1) a clear picture of what I want, (2) a strong desire to realize my objective, (3) faith in myself and my goal to inspire forward direction, and (4) specific action steps with a time frame involved.

It’s important to realize that you can make adjustments if your plans don’t go well. Isn’t life a series of adjustments? Don’t be afraid to seek help if you need more information. Don’t make decisions based on emotion only. Facts and your instincts will help you make better decisions.

Your “work” develops in proportion to the love, interest, and good intentions that you put into it. Write down as many reasons as you can for pursuing your objective. Study its many possibilities. The more reasons and possibilities that you have for doing something, the more inspired you’ll be.

If you have a strong desire to embark on a new project but need $10,000.00 to get started, the first step is to believe that you can do it, and then the next thing to do is to think about different ways to raise the money. This attitude will soon expand your thinking and become a creative force for you to get the money you need.

Become more interested in your objective than the result. Focusing on the process and the tasks will help you develop the necessary actions to get you closer to your overall goal. If you use half of your time, energy, and interest in fretting about results, you will have less success.

Catch yourself when you fall into familiar unproductive habits. Stop, let go. Calm your mind. Center your mind on the task at hand, and begin again without fear or apprehension. You will soon create the habit of working without undue tension and get more enjoyment from your work. When you relax and let go of your anxieties, you won’t waste time on non-productive worrying.

It’s natural to have some anxiety when trying something new. As a highly sensitive person, you are likely highly creative, thoughtful, and hardworking. Have faith that you can succeed, and the expanding, ever creative condition of your mind will always carry you forward!

Do you worry too much about making a decision? Do you let your anxieties keep you from trying new things? Does fear get in the way of your creativity? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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