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#HighlySensitivePeople: Do You Love Your Highly Sensitive Self?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, do you take the time to appreciate the good qualities that you have? I know that this is the time to spread the love to others, but where does love truly start?

Think about it. When do you feel the most loving towards others? It’s when you feel good about yourself. When you are happy, you are much more inclined (and able) to give more of yourself to the people who you love. Self-love gives you clarity, patience, and the desire to share your joy. You are also better able to leverage your HSP instincts to anticipate what others need.

It’s important to notice when you feel “less than loving” towards others. This is usually a signal that there is something in yourself that needs to be examined. We often (unconsciously) project our own faults onto other people. Do your negative feelings really stem from the actions of others? Or do they arise from some deep feeling of inadequacy you have about yourself?

For example, perfectionism is a character trait that many highly sensitive people have. It’s definitely an issue for me. I have to watch myself all of the time. I expect to handle all situations perfectly. I then beat myself up when I make a mistake. Likewise, I expect others to be perfect too, and I get upset when they don’t meet my expectations. Is this really fair? Who am I to decide what other people should or shouldn’t do? And who is it really about? In my case, it’s really about me because I’m the one projecting my need to be perfect onto other people.

So how can you love yourself better? Here are some strategies:

  1. Accept yourself the way you are. Have faith that you’re exactly the person you’re supposed to be in this world. You have your own unique qualities that make you who you are. There is no need to change in order to fit into another person’s concept of who you should be.
  2. Understand your highly sensitive nature. That’s the purpose of my work. My company’s mission is to provide “inspiration and information” to highly sensitive people. My website has many resources. The more you know about your HSP self, the more you will love and appreciate those qualities.
  3. Watch what you say to yourself. Negative self talk is toxic and only draws more negativity. There is nothing to be gained from berating yourself. Remember that nobody is perfect, and mistakes help us grow.
  4. Do something good for others. An act of kindness will make you feel good about yourself. Perhaps you can volunteer your time at a charity, donate to an animal shelter, or offer to do a favor for a friend.

Do you appreciate the best of you? How many good qualities can you write down about yourself? Do you love yourself? If so, you’re better able to love others and attract the type of people who are good for you. I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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