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#HighlySensitivePeople: Are We Addicted To Technology?

More news has been coming out about the various effects of technology on our world. As we all know,  technology is pervasive in our lives today! For some, it’s had an amazing contribution to their lives. For others, it’s detracting from their real life interactions with others.

A recent Gallup poll shows that those who feel that technology is causing them more stress still feel they have better lives! So low stress may not be synonymous with life satisfaction for everyone.

Mobile technology is at the root of this particular Gallup poll because of its invasive quality. It’s different from old school technology, like a desktop PC, where you’re not able to access it while driving or participating in outdoor or family activities.

Social media and other forms of electronic communication are the top distractions that lead to stress for many people. Our social and professional networks are always seeping into our lives. You’re checking your phone or laptop before bed, while on vacation, etc. Can any of you relate to this?

People who utilize mobile technology for work report working an average of seven more hours per week than someone whose job isn’t dependent on it. This extra time spent working and less relaxation time can also increase stress.

It didn’t matter what age, gender, or ethnicity you were in the poll, all signs pointed to the fact that mobile technology is a factor in how much stress you carry with you throughout your day.

The odd thing was, these same high-stressed, overworked, over-engaged individuals were the same ones who gave their lives a higher overall rating for satisfaction. They consider themselves thriving in life.

You may not really have a choice as to whether or not you use mobile technology, since it’s so much a part of our lives. Employers, friends, and family expect us to be readily accessible, but we can still set limits. Everyone needs a break! Set rules to reduce the amount of screen time, whether it’s on your phone, computer, or tablet. Perhaps you can set “technology free” periods for certain times of the day, such as during family dinners or while you’re exercising or driving.

As a highly sensitive person, how do you feel about the omnipresence of cell phones and other mobile devices? Do you spend too much time online or on your phone? Do you feel that technology helps or hinders your social life? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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I’m taking a technology break to clarify my mind to create insightful content for highly sensitive people/introverts. I won’t be back until Tuesday, March 8th.  Do you think that a technology break can help you?

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  1. Amy

    YES! What do we do? I’ve thought of quitting all SM for Lent this year…the very fact of how that “scares” me to do, tells me I NEED to do it. And yet, there are many things we used to be able to do elsewhere in life, (kinda like the payphone/cell phone thing), we now can only do online. For instance, I probably watch more FB Lives for interests I have than watch cable tv anymore. Those are interests, hobbies, things that keep me connected to what’s going on with areas of interest or jobs I’ve done. Hm….gotta balance it tho’…maybe set limits to the time online is what I’m planning…replace it with other more active things (of course easier now too, when weather gets nicer where I live, and it’s not ‘hibernating weather”…a walk, a yoga class, a live friend visit, go cook a meal, declutter a closet, volunteer somewhere, garden, get out in nature, journal, craft…make a point to shut it down and do something! Lately also, I’m wearing my new Fitbit…which buzzes me after I’ve been sitting too long to get up and MOVE! …and I’m doing it!! Anyone else have suggestions?

  2. Amy

    Maybe during Lent I’ll have certain days where I do a SM “fast.” That way I can really limit those things I want to keep in touch with, but not mindless scrolling and daily distractions, and a whole day or days without it, where I replace it with new habits.

  3. S

    As an Introverted HSP I am not on FB . I stopped watching tv over a year ago for health reasons. However, I find the ability to access a worldwide library almost by sitting down with my laptop can be addictive. My HSP mind loves knowledge. I am still figuring out when is the best time to be online for an hour a day. I don’t want the screen time interrupting my sleep cycle. Texting on my phone is good for me. I am not a big talker, however I do love to listen to those people closest to me. So being able to send a quick message to my brother just to say hi is great. I might have some Empath in me, so by texting I don’t hear the emotions of the people I am texting with as much as when I physically hear them on the phone and some days this is less stressful. I do believe though that HSPs, Introverts, Empaths need to spend time outside daily and exercise daily for health reasons. In general I think technology has taken the place of good old fashion interacting…like the days when as youth we would sit down at a card table and play board games with our grandparents. Now that was fun.

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