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Highly Sensitive People: Would You Like Some Life Observations From A Very Wise Person?

As a highly sensitive person/introvert who has social anxiety, I always appreciate things that get me thinking. Below are some life observations from Steve Allen, an American television personality, musician, composer, actor, comedian, and writer. I thought about each observation, and added a brief commentary (in italics).

  • Many people are unaware that they suffer from a natural combination of ignorance and stupidity. Unfortunately there is some validity to this. We don’t know what we don’t know!
  • If you don’t know something, admit it!
    How many times have you tried to fake it and embarrassed yourself? I know that I have. It’s not a sin to admit that you don’t know something.
  • It’s important to be able to express your thoughts and emotions.
    Self expression is a basic human need. Holding back your thoughts and emotions feels oppressive. We must communicate so that we can understand others and express what we want and need.
  • Don’t just accept information as being true, question it.
    I always question everything! Highly sensitive people have VERY inquisitive minds. We also like to research and verify facts. 
  • Don’t rationalize. Rationalization is the enemy of truth.
    Making excuses will never help you get to the truth.
  • Spend time with people brighter than yourself.
    Smart and uplifting people motivate me to better myself.
  • If you are brighter than they are, do whatever you can to share your degree of enlightenment.
    Regardless of intelligence, sharing your experience with others benefits both giver and receiver.
  • Always question your use of time and make adjustments as needed.
    I try to be mindful of the way I spend my time. I’m not perfect, but wasted time always needs to be examined.
  • Never close your mind to new information.
    Preconceived thoughts and the discounting of new information that doesn’t fit your view, can sometimes hide  the truth.
  • No two things are ever the same. No one thing remains the same for very long.
    Embracing change, rather than be threatened by it, helps me see different possibilities.
  • You can control your emotions by being aware of them.
    The more I know about myself and what makes me feel the way I do, the better I can manage my emotions. Unconscious behavior is the most disruptive and hard to control.
  • You always have time to improve yourself.
    You can improve yourself at any age.
  • Problem solving is an act of creativity.
    Highly sensitive people have the creative capability to be brilliant! We’re also deep thinkers with excellent problem solving abilities. I do think creativity helps a lot with solving problems. HSPs often coming up with solutions that nobody else has thought of.
  • Clear your brain and make room for creativity.
    A cluttered mind cannot be creative. Creativity needs space and calm in order to flourish.
  • Sometimes logic gets in the way of creativity.
    Thinking logically doesn’t always bring the best results. Logic, coupled with intuition, creativity,  and facts, is the most productive way to go. Sometimes the best solutions come when you think out-of-the-box and do the unexpected.
  • Dumb people bring up dumb kids.
    Children learn what they live. However, I believe that people can transcend a bad upbringing, if they choose to do so.

Do you have any thoughts about Steve Allen’s life observations? Which of these, if any, resonate or don’t resonate with you? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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  1. Marilyn Sood

    As a recently discovered HSP, I really appreciated the particular layout of this article with you thoughtfully adding your HSP perspective separately to each of Steve Allen’s life observations.
    Although I could relate to each observation, 2 of your points were particularly meaningful to me:
    – One point was that “a cluttered mind cannot be creative” and that “creativity helps with problem-solving” . . . (this helps clarify my current difficulties with problem-solving, especially as it relates to my work and my need to de-clutter my mind).
    – The other point was that we have inquisitive minds, always question everything, and enjoy researching and verifying facts. (This helps me understand my need to verify statements or articles online, and my love for genealogy, etc,)
    Thank you for shedding light as I learn and understand more about our HSP trait.

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