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Highly Sensitive People: Why Don’t You Satisfy Your Creative Urges?

Highly sensitive people are naturally very creative. Why is it that many of us don’t take the time to utilize and enjoy this natural resource? Perhaps irrational inhibitions stifle our creativity. Maybe we lack confidence in our abilities, but how will we know what we’re capable of unless we try?

Creativity requires patience and a willingness to work towards your vision. You can’t wait for inspiration to happen. You have to just start writing, painting, or whatever other creative endeavour that you have. I’m a writer. My real writing comes from my re-writing. I put words to paper and redo some words that I’ve done. Simple isn’t it?

Fear of being judged is a major concern for many highly sensitive people. I understand that I open myself up to criticism when I put my writing out there, with my book (I’m in the process of revising it), my blog, and social media posts. I’ve made peace with myself that I’m not perfect, and that everyone isn’t going to love what I write about. I do the best I can and whatever happens, happens.

Another barrier to creativity is distraction. Life often gets in the way of our creative activities, at least that’s what we tell ourselves. We think that we don’t have time for hobbies, but perhaps time isn’t the issue. Don’t we always find the time to eat and sleep? Could it just be that we don’t place a high priority things we enjoy? How about making the time to ignite your creativity? Surely it’s important to explore your talents and find your creative path!

Not long ago, someone left a thought-provoking comment about their creativity on my Facebook page:

I’ve spent most of my life thinking I was satisfying my creative urges, but finally realized they weren’t mine.

This comment struck a chord with me. Can you relate to this? How much self-exploration have you done in terms of how you want to be creative? Have you let others push you towards activities that you may be good at, but not necessarily inspired to do? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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  1. S

    I am an introverted HSP who apparently scores high as an emotional empath.
    I am helping my mother literally get back up on her feet. She fell two months ago , pelvic fracture, and has been in hospital ever since.
    The degree of overwhelm has resulted in some stressful nights.

    I am away from my own home and usual therapeutic spots….familiar nature trails, peaceful swimming pool, and personal solitude routine.

    I purchased some crafting items to get me into a creative space. I love words…big fancy words.
    They do something to my brain. I just put together an item of modern ephemera and looked at it thinking I need to write a word on my artwork.

    I researched as usual, looking for the perfect term to describe what I need ….

    affluent reticence

    rich in quiet reservedness

    Love it.

    Calms my brain.

    That’s what us HSPs thrive on…especially introverted ones… bringing our minds to a place of acceptance of who we are and how to best protect our energy.

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