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Highly Sensitive People: Who Knows?

I’m just as upset as you are about this worldwide crisis. I refuse to make myself sick by excessively worrying about the turmoil that’s going on. I choose to be informed, not panic, and try to help others through my writing.

I’ve learned that adversity can bring out the best in us. Through personal and business difficult times, it made me stronger to overcome other unknown problems that eventually will come everyone’s way.  This event will test our patience and help us learn about ourselves. It’s a teaching moment for the young and old.

This time is uncertain because we have no definite answers. We don’t know how long this will last. We feel helpless because we feel we have no sense of control.  Have I left anything out?

Sometimes life is like that. Life is good one day and suddenly it seems to fall apart. Not to the extent of this situation, but things do happen!  It could be a sudden illness, a death of a loved one, an accident to you or someone close to you, and other unforeseen events.

I wish that life were more predictable, but it’s not. This event can help us better prepare for the unknown. We can teach our children to keep a level head by being informed and seek help when needed.  Our children can help us learn more about technology. Our elders can help us learn how they dealt with difficult situations in the past. We can all learn to talk to each other and discuss our feelings and how we can help others.

I choose to be optimistic because I need to feel that things will get better. This is a temporary crisis. I want to focus on good things that will happen  when we get back to “normal”.

My optimism is based on:

  • Medical technology will make great strides because there’s a worldwide effort to share information. We will be better prepared to handle future medical crisis by improving hospitals and having the ability to have more facilities if needed. Diagnostic tests will be greatly improved.
  • The private sector is working together for the common good. Retailers are working together to make sure that food and essential goods are available. Companies are working together to make sure that health providers, law enforcement, and other dedicated individuals that keep us safe have protective equipment.
  • The government will eventually help individuals and businesses stay afloat until this crisis ends, although the government process is slow, there is a sense of urgency to prevent panic, fear, and a feeling of helplessness. It’s in all of our best interests that they do this. We will learn from mistakes in the past.
  • The weather is getting warmer. Hopefully, this will help prevent the spread of the virus. The nice weather will put us in a better frame of mind by being outdoors.
  • There will be more innovation and creativity from everyone. This is ramped up in times of crisis. More products and services will be created. Better ways of doing things will improve our productivity. People will think about their lives and how they can personally improve. How can you use your ability to be innovative and creative? Perhaps you can use your talents and interests to start a business to help others? If you have a business, how can you improve it? The possibilities are endless!
  • There are more good people than bad. People generally want to be helpful. I need to constantly remind myself of this!

What can you do to stay optimistic? Can you add to my list about being optimistic? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

We will get through this! Patience, keeping a level head, and being informed is crucial at times like these. Stay strong!

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  1. Cory Toro

    Thank you!!!! Wonderful post!! Yes, going into panic mode helps no one.

    I’ve been watching films and reading books about people surviving far, far worse than the coronavirus.

    The Spanish flu, the Great Depression and the two World Wars are prime examples.

  2. Cliff Harwin

    Hi Cory,

    Thank you!

    We DO need to keep a level head in dealing with this virus.

    Stay informed and stay well!

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