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Highly Sensitive People: Trick or Treat? Does your mind “trick” you or “treat” you?

Do your thoughts and attitude about yourself work for you or against you? It’s important to recognize that your thoughts influence your actions, and your actions determine the quality and effectiveness of your life.

For example, I’ve said to myself…”I’d love to become an author and teach others the lessons I’ve learned in life. I have a strong desire to do this. I’m a very good writer, and this is a very realistic goal for me.”

I felt exhilarated at first, but then my inner voice decided to play “tricks” on me. I do have some highly sensitive deep-thinking capabilities and have had second thoughts. I’ve said things like…”I can’t do this.” “Who would want to read my writing?” “People will make fun of me.” “Why should anyone listen to me?”

Do these scenarios sound familiar? When I decided to become a writer, my inner voice often played “tricks” on me. On the one hand, I was excited about the prospect of becoming a writer, but the more I thought about it, the more I convinced myself that I wasn’t capable of doing it.

At one point, I even decided to abandon my dream. However, as time passed, I couldn’t get my dream off my mind. Deep down, I knew I had something valuable to contribute. After struggling to understand my high sensitivity for so many years, I had finally come to appreciate it for the gift that it can be, and I desperately wanted to share what I knew. The more I thought about it, the more the “treat” part of myself took hold. Suddenly, all I could see was why I had to share my knowledge, which sparked a burning desire to dive in and produce the best writing I could.

The change of heart came when my desire to share my knowledge overcame my fear of doing it. Desire over fear, that’s the magic formula! However, the only way to arrive at that formula is to observe and question your thought patterns. Just because you think a thought doesn’t make it true. For example, I took the thought “Nobody will want to hear what I have to say” and put it to the test. What evidence did I have to support that claim? Since I hadn’t done it before, how could I possibly know the truth of that statement?

Many people routinely let their minds “trick” them, which keeps them from getting what they want most. Instead, why not give your “treat” thoughts more of chance? Rather than only focusing on the thoughts that bring you down, validate the positive ones too. In my case, I looked at my desire to help other highly sensitive people and thought of all the ways I might be able to accomplish that. I realize this can be a challenge, especially since most of us are not conditioned to think positively. However, if you are willing to simply observe and question your thoughts, it is possible to break out of old thought patterns.

Trick or Treat? What are you waiting for? When you conquer the “trick” part of your mindset, you will be “treated” to the life that you dream about. My book materialized because of it. My dream came true, and yours can too. As one of the world’s biggest self-doubters, I’m living proof that it is possible to overcome your fears and have whatever you dream about.

How does your mind “trick” or “treat” you? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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    This is a very interesting concept…do our minds trick or treat us? I find it so rewarding , after grappling with concepts from therapists, or psychologists, when something simple like your statement can make it easier to apply a tool to my life. I love to help people and encourage people by words, but I haven’t ever been much of a writer. I don’t talk much, I am an introvert, so writing helps me to get my thoughts out. Some times talking just takes up too much energy. I love to bake , but I discovered in my teens that not only was I addicted to sugar, but that it made me hyper. I did not recognize this as a sign of being HSP, because the concept wasn’t made available to me….regardless of how it may have been termed in the early 80s. I had always dreamed of having or working in a bakery that baked only sugar free or naturally sweetened desserts. I am 57 now, so not sure if this will ever be a reality. Anyways, I will try to remember your statement trick or treat, when my mind is jumbled.

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