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Highly Sensitive People/ Introverts: Do You Need A Way To Boost Your Well-Being?

A good way that I boost my well-being is by helping myself, physically and emotionally, through regular exercise. Many people start fitness training for all kinds of reasons that range from losing weight, to building muscle, and to avoid health hazards of a sedentary lifestyle. One of the overlooked rewards of regular physical activity is its ability to boost self-confidence.

If you feel like lack of self-esteem is holding you back from pursuing your dreams or accomplishing more, you can get out of this rut by being more physically active. And, the best part is that regular exercise can help you become more successful even if your goals are not fitness related.

Being more physically active can improve your well-being in a variety of ways. They include:

  • Exercise Improves Your Appearance. When we are not happy about our looks, we develop an inferiority complex about our image. Whether you are unhappy about being overweight or thin, having body image issues often sparks off negative emotions. You may begin to have negative self-talk about what you don’t like about your physical appearance. As a result, negativity permeates your thoughts, leading to shyness, fear, and a general sense of low self-esteem. Exercise helps to improve body physique by getting rid of excess unwanted fat and improving muscle definition. Achieving these kinds of results can make you feel more attractive and better about the way you look, ultimately bolstering your self-confidence.
  • Strength Increases With Regular Exercise. Every day you hit the gym, go for a run, slow walk, or participate in your preferred type of exercise, the body grows stronger. When you feel physically strong, the same will also reflect in your mental state.  
  • Working Out Reduces Stress. Stress is mentally and physically draining. If you are in that state on mind, it is hard to remain calm and focused on what you need to do to accomplish goals and solve problems. The good news is that you can beat stress through exercise. Studies have shown that physical activity helps regulate stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline while at the same time releasing feel-good chemicals in the brain like endorphins and dopamine. All of these effects leave you feeling confident knowing that you are not overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. Instead, you feel in charge of situations, your feelings, and actions.
  • Regular Exercise Improves Cognitive Function. Scientific evidence has shown that exercise boost brainpower. By committing to regular fitness training, you are able to concentrate more, think with clarity and become more productive. When you are at your best, you feel confident in your ability to get things done.
  • A Regular Exercise Routine Is A Great Way To Socialize And Meet New People. Perhaps you might consider joining a class. Maybe you might meet people who share your interests by going on a regular walk. Walking your dog might be a good way to strike up a conversation with a fellow pet owner. The possibilities are endless!

If you are in need of a well-being boost, make sure to get enough physical activity by committing to a regular fitness routine. It’s important to seek a medical evaluation before you start a regular exercise program. Just remember to set realistic and attainable goals to avoid giving up on your fitness goals and end up not reaping the long-lasting benefits of exercise.

What activity/activities can you start today to boost your well-being? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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