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Highly Sensitive People: How Can You Help Others?

Warning: Please excuse the picture above because of current social-distancing from others. I used it because the image made me feel good!

Would you like another activity to use your highly sensitive creativity to keep your emotions in check during the coronavirus crisis? How can you help others? This is a time for re-evaluation and innovation. A successful business finds a need to help others and fills that need. By doing this exercise, you can take your mind off of the world’s troubles and possibly make a plan to start your own business.  Make a written list of how you can help others with your unique talents and interests.

The act of helping others can cultivate the best emotional satisfaction in your heart. Whatever form of help you extend, be it service or something of monetary value, you’ll undoubtedly receive something better in return.

Is there anything better than saying a simple “thank you” that is conveyed with sincerity to someone who has helped you? Is there anything better than a feeling of appreciation that makes you feel needed and important? Is there anything better than seeing smiles on other people’s faces for having made them feel important and cared for?

If your physical or financial resources are especially limited, you can put your talent or creativity to work. Let that desire to help inspire you to find creative ways to accumulate the resources you need to actualize your intention. You can come up with ideas to generate more money through fund-raising programs. You may also give more of your time doing volunteer service.

When you help others, you’re actually tapping into and activating a power that promotes health in every corner of you physical, psychological, and emotional being. You’ll feel as though you’re the highest paid executive in business, not because you’re being paid with money, but because you’re being paid with your own sense of fulfillment.

What can you do to help others with your unique talents? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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  1. Cory Toro

    Neat article! But Cliff…the WHO and I are in agreement that the term physical distancing is a far better term than “social” distancing.

    I find the term “social” distancing alarming because it implies social and emotional isolation, which is the LAST thing anyone needs in the midst of a crisis, especially HSPs.

    I’m trying to spread the word…let’s all spread the word and let’s all know that this crisis is temporary, not permanent.

  2. Cliff Harwin

    Thank you Cory!!

    I agree that physical distancing sounds much better than social distancing. Social and emotionall distancing IS the last thing we need!! Let’s hope that this crisis ends soon.

    Keep spreading the word!!

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