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Does procrastination serve you well?

Many times we procrastinate not because we’re lazy but because of the difficulty of the problem at hand. As we ponder a situation, as many of us highly sensitive people do, we can weed out what isn’t important leading us to a better solution.

Procrastination can teach us discipline, patience, and the ability to work better under pressure. While we ponder we’re searching for a more effective way to do a task, which is a form of time management. Procrastination prompts subliminal organization.

We can usually decide when to do a task and obtain better results when we act on our timetable. Don’t feel compelled to make a decision until you are ready. Don’t unduly delay in determining when it’s the best time to seize the moment. There is no “perfect” time to act.

There are many good reasons for putting things off. It’s easy to fall into this trap. Don’t allow fear and negative feelings stop you from taking action. Do your research, assess the problem and begin.

Before making an important decision, have you ever said, “let me sleep on it?” As you retreat into a quiet refuge to think creatively and clear your mind, solutions become apparent. Trust your thoughts. Channel them productively. I’ve done this many times with excellent results. Trusting yourself and your thoughts takes practice!

Force yourself to sit and work at a difficult situation for at least five minutes and chances are you’ll keep going. Don’t worry about mistakes. Visualize completion. Procrastination can be one of our most useful tools but like any good carpenter we must learn to use it well.

Does procrastination serve you well? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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