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Do you read to your child?

Parents are the first teachers that a child will encounter. You have a unique opportunity to start your child in the right direction. Many parents turn to early learning as a way to not only enhance their child’s knowledge, but also to build a strong bond early with their baby.

The early years of your child’s life are when they learn to trust you, and to learn that they can rely on mommy and daddy no matter what happens. The act of bonding with your child is one that will probably be the strongest bond you’ll ever have.

Building a bond of love and trust is very important for both you and your child. You have several ways to create that secure bond very early in your precious child’s life. When you decide to use early learning in your parenting, you are doing more than just helping your child understand the world around them sooner.

You are also forging a bond that’s based on the learning experience you provide. This experience can carry on throughout the child’s developmental years, and even into adulthood in some cases.

Many young adults are close to their parents and enjoy doing things with them whenever possible. The time spent with your children in those first crucial years will pay dividends for years to come.

Reading is a fun bonding experience for you and your child. To a child, regardless of their age, the early learning sessions you have can play a big role in his or her future educational gains. For this reason, it is important for you to make the activities fun and exciting, so your child will be enjoying the experience and creating a bond with you that will last a lifetime.

My kindle book, Mommy’s First Memories of You, celebrates the many heartfelt moments that mothers experience as they first get to know their newborns. Through original artwork and poignant words, this book will help mothers bond with their babies, and relive those happy experiences. As the baby grows, the mother can read this book to her toddler to help her child appreciate the joy that a new baby brings.

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