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Highly Sensitive People: Do You Have Faith In Yourself?

As highly sensitive people, we often lack faith in ourselves, to withstand the good times and bad.  A lack of faith acts as a barrier that keeps us from leading our happiest and most productive lives.

Would you like to take your mind off of these troubling times and do something productive? Now is the perfect time to take to an inventory of yourself. Believing in yourself is a crucial ingredient for success. Few people ever do anything outstanding without having faith in themselves. If faith is weak, a person’s efforts will be weak. If faith is strong, it can unlock your power and spur you to use your natural abilities or develop new ones.

I believe that everyone has at least one “genius” quality…that one thing that we’re really good at! We owe it to ourselves and others to utilize our best qualities. Some people may discount their talents, thinking that they aren’t smart, or believing that success will elude them, no matter how hard they work.

Set those negative beliefs aside, and instead get in touch with that part of yourself that has faith in your abilities. Faith is something within us which doesn’t guess, but knows. Faith gives us a glimpse of our possibilities and keeps us from losing heart and quitting too soon. It illuminates our strengths and our potential…that which our doubts and fears desperately try to hide from us.

Here are some tips to develop faith in yourself:

  • Make a list of your strengths. It’s very easy for us to minimize our natural abilities. We may take for granted that if something comes easy to us, it’s not a useable or unique skill. A skill is a skill, regardless of whether or not it is common or comes easy. Learn to recognize and embrace your gifts, so that you can build your self-confidence and do more with your talents.
  • Make a list of good things that others have said about you. Ask others what they think you’re good at. This exercise will give you more clues about your strengths. Sometimes other people are better at recognizing our strengths than we are. Pay close attention to what others say and look for patterns.
  • Be an information gatherer on topics of interest. Get information from books, magazines, newspapers, and online material on topics that interest you. Listen to podcasts or audio programs. Participate in online forums and classes. You’ll feel good when you delve into topics that interest you. You may be surprised at how many ideas you’ll get. Pay special attention to the things that inspire you most, as they are often clues as to what you may be good at or untapped potential within you.
  • Get support from positive and uplifting people. It’s easy to get off track when we try to improve ourselves. We may get frustrated or distracted. Seek a “support team” that will keep you motivated. Beware of the “dream killers” that are likely to negatively influence your aspirations. Sometimes when you’re trying to make changes in your life, people close to you will resist (often unconsciously) the changes, preferring that you stay the way you’ve always been.

Go boldly forward in your life, and don’t be afraid of success or failure. Expect and assume that you are a great person with many talents, both known and soon to be discovered. Work patiently towards building more faith in yourself. This will cultivate a desire to explore and share your gifts!

Do you have faith in yourself? If not, why not take an inventory of yourself to enhance it? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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