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Are you going to be “real” this year?

Are you going to be “real” this year? As a highly sensitive person, I know the importance of the time to get real right now!

Another year has closed its doors, and a new year is open before us. It is the perfect time to reflect upon our lives and make positive plans for the future. The thought of having a clean slate and getting a fresh start motivates us to improve our lives. The New Year is full of endless possibilities and potential.

Unfortunately though, we often lose steam as the months pass. Facing “reality” is difficult to do, especially when it requires making changes and leaving our comfort zones behind.

In my case, I feel as though I’m at a crossroads in my life. The past year has been especially challenging. I pushed myself beyond the limits of my emotional and physical capabilities. Chronic stress and not taking the time to rest and relax have taken a toll on my body and spirit. Unless I make major changes to my lifestyle, I’m at risk for serious health problems. Can you relate?

I know that many highly sensitive people face similar challenges. As HSPs, we tend to experience life on such a deep level, both emotionally and physically, that stress-induced health issues are a major concern. Self-care is critical to our well-being, and when we don’t take care of ourselves, we pay the price.

We often try to make changes the best way we can, but it sometimes isn’t good enough. The hardest part is to admit that we actually have a problem. It’s sometimes easier to tolerate a concern than to work on resolving it.

Highly sensitive people often have a hard time making changes, even when we know we need to. The important question we all need to ask ourselves is: Should we be realistic about ourselves and deal with our unhappiness, health situations, etc., now or when they get worse? You have more choices than you think. Doing nothing is a choice. Why not make the best choice for yourself? Why wait for a crisis that will force you to make a change?

I hope that you will also be inspired to “get real” about any changes you need to make in your life. Although change can be difficult for highly sensitive people, it can be extremely rewarding and the beginning of a positive transformation.

Are you going to be “real” this year? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have?

I provide e-mail consultations from a highly sensitive persons perspective, which is a great option for highly sensitive people. Through e-mail consultation, I’ll ask you questions about yourself and what you’d like to accomplish. From this information, I can pose specific questions that will keep you focused on your objectives. You can take the time to reflect so that you can carefully consider your answers. In this way, we’ll work together to come up with better answers that fit your wants and needs. The goal of the consultation is to help you gain more clarity in whatever you want to accomplish.

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