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Highly Sensitive People: Are you bored?

It’s extremely important for highly sensitive people to keep their minds, bodies, and abilities in sync. A state of boredom is a certain sign that we are allowing some of our talents to lie idle or rust. A unfulfilling job or career, a personal relationship, lack of interests, or a need for new ones could be symptoms of our boredom. Maybe you feel that you need a change of scenery. Perhaps you might like to move to a different state or country. Boredom symbolizes a state of unrest.

It’s not unusual to experience boredom, but it shouldn’t be long-lasting. Chronic boredom can have many serious consequences. It often leads to heightened feelings of loneliness, helplessness, and even depression. In its most destructive form, boredom can lead to drug abuse, gambling addiction, sexual promiscuity, alcoholism, and excessive spending habits. When people, especially young people, are bored and don’t have direction in their lives, they turn to violence and crime.

Boredom is an indicator that there aren’t enough challenges in your life. What can you do to bring activity and creativity into your life? Are you putting your free time to good use? Can you incorporate exercise or some sport into your life? Perhaps you might take a class, do some volunteer work, or have a hobby. Read a book, go to the library and participate in activities that they offer might bring some spirit to your life.

My many interests have kept me from getting bored. I’ve always enjoyed sports. From the time I was a child, I enjoyed collecting baseball cards, bottle caps, bottles, rocks, and sports magazines. It expanded my interests and provided a good reason to talk with other children about my various collections. I continued my collecting interests into adulthood.

Now I collect old books and magazines, autographs, and Coca Cola advertising memorabilia. I love old things in general. My wife and I enjoy going to flea markets, garage sales, and book sales. These activities take us to places where we might not ordinarily go. We meet interesting and like-minded people who we have a lot in common with.

These activities and collections give me joy and inspire my writing. Having various interests makes you a more interesting person and provides balance in your life. This is very important for a highly sensitive person, like myself, who might feel the intensity of life more than others.

Pets have always been important in my life. They definitely make life more interesting! Experts say that having a pet reduces stress levels and strengthens our immune systems. If you’re considering getting a pet, there are many pet adoption centers in your area. You’ll do a good deed by providing a good home to an abandoned or mistreated animal. You’ll also reap the benefits of having a wonderful and loving companion.

Boredom isn’t something that should dominate your life. There isn’t a lack of activities that you can do. It’s our inability to seek them. Maintain an active lifestyle. Set goals for yourself. They will give your life more meaning. Planning, carrying out specific tasks, and accomplishing your objectives will give your life more meaning. Isn’t that what your well-rounded life should be about? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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    I can relate to the photograph you have attached to this blog article. I wake up in the night bored!
    I had the worst nervous shutdown experience ever last year. 6 oversedating prescription medications that had me so sick for 8 months, and only now am I starting to feel like myself 14 months later after having been represcribed my proven antidepressant. I now have no choice but to attend to my HSP , Introvert, and possibly Empath needs and it is very challenging. I am bored on a daily basis because I don’t have the energy yet or I haven’t figured out where to accurately place my energy so that I don’t feel bored. I am not working and don’t think I will ever work in the typical extroverted workplace again. I am 57. I am just starting to discover how important it is as an HSP to keep my mind, body, and abilities in sync. I recently noticed if I go a day without some exercise, the following day I can sense my physical body isn’t as strong in my mind, if this makes any sense. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

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