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Highly Sensitive People: Are Long-Lasting Quality Relationships Possible?

I’m happy to say that it’s definitely possible! Today my wife and I are celebrating our 42nd Wedding Anniversary!

You don’t have to be married 42 years to have a loving, supportive, and satisfying relationship, but I want to emphasize that you can have the relationship that you desire.

It’s hard to believe how fast times goes by. Many wonderful things have happened, such as the birth of our daughter, the great family experiences, the joy we received from our many pets, and the personal triumphs that my wife and I had.

There were difficult times when we had family problems, personal tragedies, financial difficulties, and bouts of getting on each other’s nerves! Full disclosure….My wife is much easier to get along with than I am!

Life is a combination of good and bad times. It’s a balance that we all have to juggle in our lives. Supportive relationships help us cope with the reality of this.

Some elements of a loving and supportive relationship from my personal experience include:

  • Personal chemistry. By that I mean you should have similar values and way of looking at life in general. It’s important to be in sync or at least on a similar wavelength.
  • Common interests.
  • Mutual support. It’s crucial to have a partner or friend that will build you up, rather than tear you down in difficult times. You don’t need anyone that will make you feel bad about yourself.
  • Acceptance of each other. It’s important to genuinely accept your partner for who they are. If you  try to change the other person, you’re in for trouble.
  • Dependability. This is extremely important in difficult times.

What can you do to find or enhance the relationships that you have? What elements of a relationship are you looking for? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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