Do you need some tips to live healthier?

Do you need some tips to live healthier? As highly sensitive people, we need to feel good in order to live our lives happier and productively.

Here’s some wise advice from Renee Pieroth a registered and licensed dietician.

  • Take a moment to reflect on your positive attributes. Consider not only what you would like to change, but what you would like to remain the same. Goals can build on your successes to help fade your negative thoughts. Keep in mind the power of exercise and nutrition to benefit your health when creating goals. (more…)

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Brianna and Patricia Feeney

A “Good News” Story

Do you ever become cynical when you listen, read, or watch the news? It seems as if the media is constantly feeding us a steady stream of bad news. This type of negativity is very difficult for HSPs to process.

Thus, I thought I’d summarize a heart-warming story that I read in the paper about a community coming together to help a disabled girl. It will restore your faith in humanity!

Single mother, Patricia Feeney, sought help for her young daughter, Brianna, who is blind and cannot talk, walk, or crawl as a result of a genetic developmental disorder. (more…)

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You can overcome challenges!

Do you ever feel that life is unbearable because of the many challenges that you have in your life? I would like to share with you some examples of two courageous women who are overcoming their personal challenges and taking charge of their lives. It’s very empowering to see examples of how people overcome challenges, both large and small.

Mary Elizabeth Williams, a writer, consultant, and commentator was faced with melanoma. After her diagnosis, she documented her journey in a series of articles published on and later in a book. (more…)

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Photo by Jan Phoenix

Emotions…a poem by a fellow highly sensitive person

I received this poem by Ashley Gurka. I related to everything that she described. Here’s a very deep analysis of what it’s like to be a highly sensitive person.

From Ashley: “I could never understand why I felt emotions so deeply and intensely. My only outlet is poetry. It all makes sense knowing that I am a highly sensitive person. I wanted to share a poem I wrote about my emotions.”


Your worst enemy displayed,
Always hated but never strayed, (more…)

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