Highly Sensitive People: What Is Your Right Livelihood?

Right livelihood is defined as a means of supporting one’s existence, especially financially or vocational, in a way that fits in with who you are and what you want to do in life. It’s important to note that your right livelihood may change as you go through life. Your focus might be to be a good student, parent, caretaker, or any of several different positions and jobs.

Some thoughts and suggestions include:

  • Highly sensitive people can’t be in an environment where they feel uncomfortable or is a place that is anxiety ridden. A quiet environment is ideal.
  • Helping careers such as counselors, coaches, teachers, social workers, nurses, event planners, companions, members of the clergy, information specialists such as librarians, volunteer work, virtual assistants, and tutors. They also do well as message therapists and other body workers. (more…)

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Highly Sensitive People: Trick or Treat? Does your mind “trick” you or “treat” you?

Do your thoughts and attitude about yourself work for you or against you? It’s important to recognize that your thoughts influence your actions, and your actions determine the quality and effectiveness of your life.

For example, I’ve said to myself…”I’d love to become an author and teach others the lessons I’ve learned in life. I have a strong desire to do this. I’m a very good writer, and this is a very realistic goal for me.”

I felt exhilarated at first, but then my inner voice decided to play “tricks” on me. I do have some highly sensitive deep-thinking capabilities and have had second thoughts. I’ve said things like…”I can’t do this.” “Who would want to read my writing?” “People will make fun of me.” “Why should anyone listen to me?” (more…)

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Some Thoughts About Choosing a Career For a Highly Sensitive Person

It seems that career choice, career change, either forced or self-imposed, is always a timely topic. Some important questions to consider include: Can you incorporate your passion into your work life? Would you like to pursue another line of work? Are you burnt out? Are you bored? Would you like to start your own business? (more…)

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Some of the visionary people featured in Apple's "Think Different" Campaign (1997-2002)

Are You One Of The “Crazy Ones?”

One of the most legendary advertising campaigns of all time was Apple’s “Think Different” campaign, which ran from 1997-2002. It was meant to honor those who think differently, the “crazy ones,” the visionaries who inspire others to new levels of creativity. Although designed to promote Apple products, the campaign nonetheless packs a powerful message that is especially pertinent to highly sensitive people. (more…)

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