There is good in the world!

There is good in the world! Do you ever become cynical when you listen to the news, watch television, or when you read newspaper or internet articles that tell you the latest horrific news?

Well friends, here’s an uplifting and heart-warming story! A single mother, Patricia Feeney, sought help for her five-year old daughter, Brianna, who is blind and cannot talk, walk, or crawl as a result of a genetic developmental disorder. (more…)

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Do you think it’s too late for love?

Do you think it’s too late for love? Certainly Sadie Hargrove Sims and Reverend Wallace Lee don’t think so. Sadie is 104 and Reverend Wallace Lee is 87.

She was married for 24 years and he was married for 51. Never did they think that they would walk down the aisle at this stage in their lives.

They ignored the playful whispers that she’s robbing the cradle, that’s he so much taller at 6 feet and she’s the tiniest thing at 4 feet. (more…)

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