Does procrastination serve you well?

Does procrastination serve you well? Many times we procrastinate not because we’re lazy but because of the difficulty of the problem at hand. As we ponder a situation, as many of us highly sensitive people do, we can weed out what isn’t important leading us to a better solution.

Procrastination can teach us discipline, patience, and the ability to work better under pressure. While we ponder we’re searching for a more effective way to do a task, which is a form of time management. Procrastination prompts subliminal organization. (more…)

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Are you a chronic procrastinator?

Are you a chronic procrastinator? Chronic procrastination is a real problem that needs to be addressed. Procrastination has caused people to lose jobs, personal possessions, and even their spouse. It manifests itself in low self-esteem, shame, under achievement, and life can become unmanageable.

Chronic procrastination can grow into a compulsion to avoid existence. It’s addictive and is harmful because it’s a method to circumvent the reality of life. It’s a form of escapism. (more…)

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Do you get in your own way?

Do you get in your own way? You might be your own worst enemy. The obstacle you face might not be outside forces such as life situational distractions, other people, or circumstances beyond your control.

I’m guilty of wanting to do something, but I sometimes talk myself out of it by giving myself more negative reasons for not doing it. Do you self-sabotage yourself? If so, why so? The answer lies in one word….FEAR!

Our thoughts and non-actions contribute to not getting what we want. What are some signs of self-sabotage? They are as follows: (more…)

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Do you lack motivation?

Do you lack motivation? I do sometimes, although this bothers me, I realize that it’s impossible to be “on” all the time. It happens to us all. One day we’re motivated and the next day we’re in the dumps having a pity party. Staying motivated isn’t easy! If it were, everybody would do it.

You may have felt good about a certain job or project when it began. You were thrilled with enthusiasm and motivation. Then you hit a few speed bumps and unexpected failures and your motivation waned. You may have fallen into self-doubt and decided to give up. All those positive thoughts turned into negative ones. (more…)

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