Does age decrease your ability to make wise decisions?

Does age decrease your ability to make wise decisions? From a personal standpoint, I hope not! I recently read an article that mentioned this.

A study published in the journal, Proceedings of Sciences, suggests that our ability to make wise decisions changes over time, and actually declines in old age.

The study found that in certain situations, the decision-making ability of people older than 65 was worse than that of adolescents. (more…)

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Are you organized?

I write this blog post as I’m in the process of doing major organizing in my home. It seems to be an overwhelming task. Where do I start? Can anyone relate to my dilemma?

I’m organized in a disorganized kind of way. Does this make sense? To give you an example, I have a habit of clipping articles from many sources on different topics that I’m interested in.  I have numerous folders with headings of specific topics. Sounds organized doesn’t it? Wrong! I’m still overwhelmed! (more…)

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Are You Getting The Most For Your Money?

Ours is supposed to be a service economy. So where’s the service? We live today in an  economy where manufacturing provides approximately 19% of all jobs, service the rest. I think it’s a fair question to ask why in many instances we seem unable to get what we pay for in terms of services. These services include home and automotive repair, legal, financial, medical, computer, and retail services. (more…)

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