Do you have a problem with focus?

Do you have a problem with focus? I know that this is an obvious “yes” for a highly sensitive person! It’s true that it’s not difficult for us to be distracted by the many things that can cause us to be off track.

Random thoughts, family, economic, personal problems, and other chaotic situations compete for our attention. Can we filter out some things and focus on others? We can with the right mindset. Here are some suggestions:

* You need to determine why you want to focus on something. Why is it important to you? Is this the best use of your time at this particular point in time? The more reasons you can give yourself, the more motivated and focused you’ll be. (more…)

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Are you too trusting?

Are you too trusting? I’ve been. I’m learning that I can’t trust others until they have earned my trust. It’s never a good idea to reveal too much about yourself until you’ve gained some familiarity with the other person/persons.

Why do highly sensitive people seem to be an open book too soon in professional and personal relationships? For me, I’ve been naive in thinking that everyone has honorable intentions. In the real world, this just isn’t true. (more…)

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Do you think out of the box?

Do you think out of the box? I read a very interesting Facebook post about a girl scout selling her cookies outside a non-conventional place (marijuana dispensary). To me, this girl is thinking out of the box and being successful by selling 117 boxes in 2 hours!

This story reminds me of a time when my daughter, Stephanie, was selling girl scout cookies. This was a time when girl scout cookies cost $2.25 per box! Anyway, she excitedly came home and told me that she wanted to sell 150 boxes to get a cool sweat shirt. She mentioned that she could start selling on a specific day after school. (more…)

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How “connected” are you?

How “connected” are you? Studies show that our capacity to connect with other people plays an important role in our personal happiness, longevity, and ability to handle stress.

Unfortunately, since highly sensitive people tend to need a lot of “alone” time, it’s relatively easy to get caught up in our own “little worlds”. While it’s healthy to have some alone time, we need to be careful that we don’t take it too far and become socially isolated. (more…)

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