Do you appreciate yourself?
Photo by Amy Treasure

Do you appreciate yourself?

Below is a poem on Self-Appreciation from my book, Making Sense of Your High Sensitivity.

Self-Appreciation for Highly Sensitive People

Who are you?
Where do you fit in this world?
We come in different colors, shapes, sizes, abilities, and aptitudes.
Some of us are able bodied, and some of us are not.
Some of us have physical handicaps, and some of us are handicapped by our thinking.
Some of us have attitudes that will make us soar, whoever we are.
We all have choices. We can choose to make our situations better or worse.
We are all dealt circumstances that we can and cannot control.
Don’t we owe it to ourselves, our loved ones, and our world to make the best out of whatever we’ve got?
Why not make the best out of your lot?
For better or worse, we’re all we’ve got. (more…)

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Do you enjoy the good times?
Photo by Robert Collins

Do you enjoy the good times?

This might sound like a silly question, but do you truly savor the best times of your life?┬áIt’s too easy to take for granted the little things that makes us happy. Yesterday was one of those times. My wife and I got to visit with our daughter, Stephanie.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Stephanie received a generous offer from Purina to be a community social media manager. The bittersweet part was that she had to move from New Jersey to St.Louis. We were sad that she had to move away, but we knew this was a wonderful opportunity for her. (more…)

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How Can You Help Others?

The act of helping others can cultivate the best emotional satisfaction in your heart. Whatever form of help you extend, be it service or something of monetary value, you’ll undoubtedly receive something better in return.

Is there anything better than a simple “thank you” that is conveyed with sincerity? Is there anything better than an appreciation that makes you feel needed and important? Is there anything better than seeing smiles on other people’s faces for having made them feel important and cared for? (more…)

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