Who weighs you down?

Who weighs you down? By that I mean what pessimistic people weigh you down? They do more than have a negative attitude or a sour outlook on life. They can bring you down and more often than not, the clues are so subtle that it’s very easy to miss them.

Think about the people in your life. Now think about the ones that often belittle others, making cutting remarks even to you, and pass it off as “just joking”. They’re judgmental and are constantly pointing out the negative in you as well as life in general. (more…)

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Do you need some ways to get things done?

Do you need some ways to get things done? Here are some of my thoughts about this. They are as follows:

* Focus on what’s truly important. I know from personal experience that I’m more productive when I focus on tasks that are crucial to getting the job done. I’m guilty of spending too much time being sidetracked by unimportant and unessential activities that distract me from what I want to accomplish. Concentrate on activities that bring returns proportionate to the time and energy you put into them.

* Don’t put off disliked tasks. Do you ever put off unpleasant tasks that you simply don’t like to do? They are energy drainers that deplete your ability to focus on the important ones. Lighten your emotional and physical well-being by getting them finished and out of your way. (more…)

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