What are some characteristics of achievers?
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What are some characteristics of achievers?

What are some characteristics of achievers? I’m going to list a few of mine. I’m sure that you can relate to them as a highly sensitive person. They are as follows:

  • More concerned about personal achievement than the rewards of success. I get great satisfaction from doing something well. The monetary reward is secondary, though I’m not against making money and enjoying the benefits and freedom that it provides.
  • Seeks feedback. I actively seek feedback and constructive criticism about my work. The criticism may hurt sometimes, but it’s important information that I can use to improve. My goal is to do my best work.
  • Not ego driven. I don’t need to be right or have all the answers. I will gladly give credit to others when warranted. For me, the top priority is the best solution to the problem, regardless of who gets the credit.
  • Takes the middle ground, preferring a moderate degree of risk…not an all-or-nothing thinker. I must admit that I used to be an all-or-nothing thinker, meaning that I thought in extremes. I was either a huge success or a dismal failure, with nothing in between. I’ve learned that life isn’t that way. I now have less stress and make better decisions. Are you an all-or-nothing thinker?

What are some of your outstanding characteristics that help you achieve your goals? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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