The Road Of Life From A Highly Sensitive Person’s Perspective

The Road Of Life From A Highly Sensitive Person’s Perspective

One night while I was on a long drive, I conceived the idea of comparing my ride to my travels through life. My inspiration resulted in the piece below about my journey of twists, turns, and obstacles…something I’m sure all HSPs can relate to!

The road is empty and without traffic lights. All I can see before me are reflective road stripes. I imagine myself as an automobile forging my way through the night.

The road behind me is filled with my experiences, both good and bad. That part of the journey is known because I have already traveled it.

The road before me —my future— is dark and hazy, except for the small part that lies in view, but even that is uncertain. I can only imagine what is just around the corner, and this fear of the unknown feels very distressing.

My mind starts to wander. How do I keep from getting lost? Perhaps I need to formulate a plan. Maybe I should set a goal somewhere in the darkness of uncertainty. Otherwise, I’ll drive around aimlessly and never find my true destination. I pull over, consult my map, and jot down a route.

As I continue on, I see the tail light of a slow-moving vehicle in front of me. Can I overtake and pass this obstacle? I cautiously approach, and in a sudden burst of perseverance, I pass the car and leave it far behind.

It doesn’t take long for me to realize that there are lots of “crazy drivers” on the road. These people drive too fast, cut me off, and obnoxiously tailgate me. I know they are dangerous. I do my best to keep my distance from them.

Traffic jams, roadblocks, and detours are up ahead. These are the setbacks and disappointments that take me off course. I stay calm and focused, and I am able to successfully maneuver around them. I know that these are just temporary distractions. They will make me a better driver in the long run.

As the needle on my fuel gauge drops, I pull into a service station. It feels good to take a break as I refill my tank. I do the best I can to enjoy these few minutes of rest and relaxation. Before long, I hit the road again.

Oh, no! I hear the sound of a police car. I have gone through a traffic light. That’s what happens when I don’t pay attention and lose focus. The consequences are getting into trouble and making mistakes that could have been avoided.

Up ahead is a toll booth. The toll booth symbolizes the price I pay, in terms of time, effort, and commitment, to get to my destination.

Finally, there’s a glow in the distance. Closer and closer I come, and suddenly I see my destination. In that moment of pure enjoyment, I revel in my success.

How is your journey on the road of life?  Is it mostly clear, open road, or is it filled with roadblocks? Are you a good navigator? Do you have a destination in mind? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

Something else to think about….

“A bend in the road is not the end of the road….Unless you fail to make the turn.”  John C. Maxwell

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