Does procrastination serve you well?

Many times we procrastinate not because we’re lazy but because of the difficulty of the problem at hand. As we ponder a situation, as many of us highly sensitive people do, we can weed out what isn’t important leading us to a better solution.

Procrastination can teach us discipline, patience, and the ability to work better under pressure. While we ponder we’re searching for a more effective way to do a task, which is a form of time management. Procrastination prompts subliminal organization. (more…)

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Some natural home remedies for HSPs

Through my work with highly sensitive people, I’ve discovered that many of us share an interest in natural medicine. Thus, I thought I’d pass along some natural home remedies that might be useful to HSPs. Below is list that I had clipped from an article by Jessica Girdwain in Woman’s Day magazine (April 2014).

  • Good for relieving anxiety: If you’re feeling stressed, put pressure on the point located between your thumb and index finger. Use the opposite thumb and forefinger to squeeze and release the muscle for thirty seconds.
  • Good for insomnia: Nutmeg is a spice that’s actually a mild sedative. Sprinkle 1/4 cup teaspoon into warm milk and sip before you go to sleep. (more…)

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Do you believe in alternative healing practices?

Do you believe in alternative healing practices? I do. I have personally benefited from acupuncture, chiropractic, and balneotheraphy/hydrotheraphy treatment.

Here are some alternative and complimentary healing practices for you to consider:

  • Acupressure:  Practitioners use their hands, elbows or feet to apply pressure to points along the body’s “meridians.” Meridians are channels that carry life energy (qi or chi) throughout the body. This reasoning holds that illness can occur when a meridian is blocked or out of balance. Acupressure is thought to relieve blockages, so energy can flow freely again, restoring wellness. More research is needed, but some pilot studies have found positive results: Acupressure might decrease nausea for chemotherapy patients and reduce anxiety in people scheduled to have surgery. (more…)

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