Do you need ways to energize your life?
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Do you need ways to energize your life?

It's been said that we're living in the worst energy crisis of all time. The crisis of personal energy! We're constantly stressed and pulled in more directions than ever before. This whirlwind pace depletes our energy at an alarming rate! Managing your personal energy has never been more critical. Doctors say that the number one complaint of their patients is, "I have no energy." There can be a number of reasons for lack of energy, but most of the time it has nothing to do with a medical condition. Chronic fatigue may be linked to emotional causes such as a difficult or abusive relationship, lack of passion, or being a caregiver to a parent or child. The first step in finding the cause of your…

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Are you going to be “real” this year?
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Are you going to be “real” this year?

Are you going to be “real” this year? As a highly sensitive person, I know the importance of the time to get real right now!

Another year has closed its doors, and a new year is open before us. It is the perfect time to reflect upon our lives and make positive plans for the future. The thought of having a clean slate and getting a fresh start motivates us to improve our lives. The New Year is full of endless possibilities and potential. (more…)

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Does perfectionism help you?

Does perfectionism help you? It’s fine to do something to the best of your ability, but at what cost to your well-being and efficiency?

Do you have to be a perfectionist to be successful? Not necessarily. How many perfectionists try to be “too perfect” and fail to finish what they start? How many don’t start at all? There’s no evidence that perfectionists are more successful than their non-perfectionist counterparts. Given similar levels of talent, skill, or intellect, perfectionists perform less successfully than non-perfectionists because they try to obtain something that’s impossible to obtain. (more…)

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Do you need some tips for getting things done?
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Do you need some tips for getting things done?

  •  Prioritize! Focus on what’s truly important. I know from personal experience that I’m more productive when I focus on activities that are crucial to getting the job done. I’m guilty of getting sidetracked by unimportant tasks that distract me from what I want to accomplish. Concentrate on activities that bring returns proportionate to the time and energy you put into them. Constantly ask yourself, “Is this the best use of my time?”
  • Don’t put off disliked tasks. Do you have a tendency to put off unpleasant tasks that you simply don’t like to do? Lighten your emotional and physical well-being by getting them finished and out of your way. Otherwise, these tasks will haunt you. They will follow you around from to-do list to to-do list and become energy drainers that deplete your ability to focus on other things.  (more…)

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