I need your input to resolve a family conflict!
Photo by David Zawila

I need your input to resolve a family conflict!

I need your input! I’ve been struggling with an upcoming situation, and I’m conflicted about what to do. My mother is going to have her 90th birthday on July 10th. That date comes out on a Thursday, and my sisters want to celebrate on the weekend because of work schedules.

I’m a traditionalist and believe that a birthday should be celebrated on the exact day. Especially a milestone birthday such as this. Isn’t that why they call it a birthday? (more…)

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How can you cope with the death of a beloved pet?
Our beloved Teddy

How can you cope with the death of a beloved pet?

I'm writing this post with a heavy heart. Recently, my dog and loyal friend, Teddy, passed away. He was a very important part of our family. It's a particular shock that his passing happened so suddenly. He was getting on in years, but he didn't have serious health issues. He looked like a "young pup" and had an abundance of energy until the end. At least that is one small thing I can be grateful for...his lack of suffering. The loss of a beloved pet can be emotionally devastating. There's simply no way to sugar coat that reality. As they say, grief is the price of love. The more we love, the deeper we grieve, but the rewards of that love are well worth it. Deeply-feeling,…

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Do you have a reason for being?

Do you have a reason for being? This question comes to mind because I was told by a person, who I adore very much, that he didn’t have a reason for being.

I recently went to a funeral for Estelle, my sister’s mother-in-law. She and her husband, Bob, were a fun couple to be around. They were upbeat, and you could tell that they were deeply devoted to each other. They did everything together. They were involved in many activities, including Estelle’s volunteer work with children. (more…)

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Tips for coping with loss

It’s true that we never know what’s going to happen from day-to-day. Grief for a human being, a beloved pet, a lost relationship, a job loss, or a loss in any other form can be devastating. As highly sensitive people, we feel things more intensely and may experience a longer lasting period of grief and loss. Thus, it helps to have a strategy to help us through these difficult times.

Below are some strategies that helped me through difficult times.

  • Don’t minimize or limit your feelings. Don’t ignore the importance of your loss or be embarrassed by it, regardless of what others think. Depending on the type of loss, you may face some people who think you’re overreacting. They may mean well, but it’s very important that you honor your own feelings. Be patient with yourself, and give yourself enough time to work through your loss. There are no time limits on your sadness.  (more…)

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