Is the education system as good as it can be?

Is the education system as good as it can be?

Is the education system as good as it can be? This is a very debatable and controversial topic and question. There are many answers depending on the relationship that you have with the educational system.

Parents have mixed emotions about their school systems. If the parents have an interest and are involved in their child activities, the better their child will thrive. Also, the better the school system, it increases the odds of having better teachers.

Teachers have different opinions about their work conditions and support from their administrators. Like in every profession, there are good and bad teachers. It’s impossible to paint a broad brush of whether teachers are a problem or not. Based on comments that I’ve heard, many teachers feel overworked and under appreciated. They are under tremendous pressure to cover many subjects in a short period of time.

Based on the quality of the school system, students, either feel supported or not. The general consensus seems to be that they are not getting the vocational guidance to compete in today’s job market. Also there’s little emphasis on different learning styles, self-employment, creativity, and general life skills.

Home schooling, charter schools, vocational schools, and various after school learning centers offer different educational options.

Is the education system as good as it can be? My humble opinion is no it isn’t. I’m not placing blame on one particular aspect of the educational system. I believe that there needs to be more parental involvement, more communication between teachers and parents, and a system that have the children’s interests at heart to prepare them for today’s world.

It seems to me that there’s too much infighting between parents, teachers, school administrators, and politicians whose sole purpose is to keep their jobs, rather than coming up with meaningful solutions.There needs to be a balance.

I’m hopeful that the education system will improve. More thought and communication is needed. New technology will help students become more engaged in their studies. Hopefully teachers will have more flexibility in their teaching methods. I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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  1. Kristie

    Well said as usual Cliff. I also feel that it would help the students and teachers alike if schools served healthier food and took out all the soda and snack machines. Sugar does not help children of any age to pay attention and focus, whether it be a small or big class. I feel for teachers that have to teach in a chaotic environment.

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