Is happiness a choice?
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Is happiness a choice?

Is happiness a choice? It depends on who you ask. If a person is relatively happy with their lives, they might say that they made the right choices that made them that way. If a person is unhappy, they might say that they were a victim of circumstances.

Where do you fit in? Success and happiness are intertwined. Are you successful? Success can mean having a fulfilling career, being a loving parent, having wonderful relationships, or maybe having a sense of control over your life.

Everyone is different, and each of us must find whatever it is that makes us happy. That’s where we do have choices over our happy state. We can control our attitude despite our circumstances.

Do you take the time to figure out what’s working or not working in your life? Do you need to make changes? If so, how can you make them? Perhaps it would be easier to make small changes over time. It’s also important to note that needs change over time. That’s why periodical self-evaluation is needed.

Most people don’t have a perfect life. Some areas of their lives are happier than other aspects of their lives. Why not insert some of your most happiest moments and place them where you have challenging times?

Is happiness a choice? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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