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Would you be willing to sacrifice for a happier job?

Would you be willing to sacrifice for a happier job? In other words, are you willing to take a pay cut for a job in which you’d be happier?

I understand that this is a difficult question. Especially in difficult economic times. In a recent Spherion survey of 882 employees, 64% said no and 36% said yes.

A positive work environment and a sense of purpose are especially crucial for a highly sensitive person. It’s important to think about the type of situation that you’d like most to be in.

It’s a shame that many people gravitate towards different occupations without giving it much thought about whether their personalities and interests are a good fit.

If you’re currently in a work situation that’s too stressful or not meaningful to you, perhaps you need to make a change. You don’t have to quit your job, but what is preventing you from seeking other options, including starting your own business on a part-time basis?

Maybe take night courses on topics that you’re interested in. Perhaps you might meet someone in these classes in your field of interest that could help you.

Information in books and on the internet will help you explore different options. You don’t have to be stuck in a dead-end situation forever. Remember that this is temporary and you’re still finding out about your likes and dislikes. You don’t have to take a pay cut while doing this.

Why settle for something that doesn’t serve your needs financially or otherwise? Would you be willing to sacrifice for a happier job? Again, you don’t have to. Why sacrifice with the many options that are open to you? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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  1. Liza Skov

    Yes yes yes I would and I do now and then when it fits into my life. Haven’t often stayed in jobs that really took my energy and good moods. Waste of time, life and happyness.

    1. Cliff Harwin

      Good for you Liza! Why stay at a job that takes away your energy and put you in a bad mood? It takes courage to make a change when needed!

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